Natalie In Panama – Week 74 – In Which Her Epic Mission Comes To An End

Well this week was an interesting week.

Monday, I told you guys all about.

Tuesday, we had my last reunion de districto (District Meeting). I was so depressed that day. I had read ¨Misionero consagrado¨ (Consecrated Missionary) and I got super depressed afterward. So, after the reunion de districto, I got a blessing, which helped me a ton.

Then, we were in divisions with the Hermana Lideres. I was with Maldonada, which was great. We caught up on stuff and had a lot of fun in the lessons. I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, we had a reunion de hermanas (Sister Missionary Meeting). That was weird that it was my last one. I was depressed after the reunion again. What I did though, was I went to my room and said a prayer to have help to stop being depressed. Then, we left to work.

I was still struggling with being depressed, but then one of the hermanas had some problems with her companion and called me. I had to give her some advice. Then, after that, I had an investigator who ended up crying to us. Her husband had cheated on her, and the woman who he was with was looking for our investigator to beat her up. So, we had to do some interesting counseling. The biggest thing we told her was to pray. We figured the best advice she could receive would be from God.

Funny thing is, that, after all of that, I completely stopped being depressed. Just having someone need me, made me forget about myself.

Thursday, pretty much all of our lessons fell through. We ended up wandering into this part of the area that we hadn’t even touched yet. We made a lot of contacts and were really excited for the work that could be done in this area.

Friday, we had a noche de grupo (group night) with one of our neighbors. She invited all of her neighbors, and it was awesome. We had a great time. We taught about prayer. I think some of her neighbors could be very positive.

Saturday, we ended up helping do a service. We had asked about the service on Friday, but the Elders had said it was only for men. Then, on Saturday, they asked for our help. So, we went to go help level the ground for a member. We got to use a pickax to break the ground. I got so burnt. I had raccoon eyes going on.

While we were there, the assistants called and told me that my area was being closed. Ajxup is now in another area in colon, and the zone leaders are in charge of my area.

We were in shock when they told us. We love our area and it was progressing, but I know the Lord has a plan.

We ended up using the Saturday and Sunday to pack up everything and get our carpeta de la area (region notebook) ready for the elders. We made sure the information was easy to find. The Elders will be covering two wards for some time, so we did what we could to help them.

We had our last activity. A noche de pelicula (movie night). It was great. Not many people came, but those who did really liked Ephraim’s Rescue.

Sunday, we said goodbye to our members. We took pictures and gave our testimonies. It was amazing to see how much the Lord loves us. He gave us some miracles. We had six less actives come to church, eight recent converts, three investigators and one of those is progressing. It was amazing. So, we made sure that the Elders know where our investigator who’s going to be baptized in two weeks lives and made sure everything was ready.

I left at eight AM from Colon and now am in the office.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Well, I guess this is the last time I’ll be saying this but…

Love you lots,

Hermana Palmer


And Now For Pictures!



And coming next week: The final e-mail, Hermana Natalie Palmer’s

reflection on her adventures in Panama and the final pictures


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