Natalie In Panama – Week 63 – In Which Her Companion Is Sick Instead of Natalie

Monday was pretty normal.

Tuesday was kinda crazy but awesome. We had Reunion de Districto (District Meeting) in the morning. It was good. We took videos of our testimonies on Predicad Mi Evangelio (Preach My Gospel). If we finished reading it last month we had to take a video of our testimony.

Then, we had to run and do some stuff. I was still sick, and got soaked because I forgot to bring my umbrella. So, I had to go get cold medicine. Then, we had to get lunch, and run to Colon Centro.

The whole zone had to get on a bus to Panama at 2:30pm. We had a conference in Panama on how to get baptisms. We all got on the bus and we thought it went straight to Albrook. Well, it did not. We had to get off in Los Andes, which is for the middle of the city. Luckily, there’s the metro now. So, we all took that to Albrook. It only took us about 20 minutes to get there on the metro. If it had been by metro bus, it would have taken almost 2 hours.

We got there and I got to see all the people I know. I’m old in the mission. I know a ton of people. It was great to see them. Then, we all got on buses and they took us to a chapel to have the conference.

The conference was great. All 4 of the AP’s (Assistants to the President) talked. They talked about how we need to have more faith and more love for the people. Then, President talked about how when we are obedient we are obligating God to bless us more than before. He encouraged us to be more obedient so we could have more blessings. Then, they had a group of recent converts from different zones come and talk to all of us too. That was good. Then, they ended the night with a baptism. It was great. I left super pumped. I got home super late, along with the rest of my zone, but it was awesome.
Then, for the rest of the week my companion had a nasty cold. We didn’t get a ton of work done this week, because she needed to rest. We did try to work hard.

We had divisions one day, and that day was crazy. We had all these things that popped up that made the day just so much more complicated. We walked a ton and our bodies were exhausted the next day.

Sunday, I was having a hard day. No investigators came to church. A menos activo (less active) did come, so that was great. I also gave a talk in church on the obra missional (missionary work). I pointed out to everyone that we are extremely privileged to have this gospel. I pointed out to them how happy they feel and that they should share this with those around them. If you have a neighbor that needs food or water, you would give it to them. We’ll everyone has this hunger and need for the truth, for the love of god. We have that, why not give it to them?

The Elders said afterwards that I did a very good machete with love to the ward. I hope it helps.

Today, we went to the temple. That was awesome. It’s the only place I feel that I get a real spiritual uplift. I found some answers that I needed there. I also got to see the last of the new videos. Having seen them all, I like all of them. All I can say is I am so grateful for the temple and the blessings we receive there.

Oh, I didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving. My companion was pretty sick, so we ended up resting at home for a good while. I figure I can eat a real Thanksgiving next year.

I hope you all have a great week, and don’t get sick.




And Now For Pictures!


Natalie, Alvarado, and Latu

Natalie, Alvarado, and Latu

Natalie and Johnson at the conference.

Natalie and Johnson at the conference.

Us in Albrook. Yay! for Christmas!

Us in Albrook. Yay! for Christmas!




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