Natalie In Panama – Week 72 – In Which She Gets Little Sleep, But Has A Family Get Baptised

So, let’s just say that all craziness went loose this week.

On Monday, we went to Colon Centro to visit a missionary that was super sick in the hospital. Turned out to be very good that we ended up going. The mission nurses came and I ended up translating for them. We arranged it so that they could take the missionary to the hospital in Panama.

Her companion, Hermana Escobar ended up staying with me and my companion. We went to our Noche de Hogar (Family Night) with the Bishop. Our investigators came as well. Toward the end of the Noche de Hogar, we got news that the missionary was worse. That was a crushing blow for my companion and for Hermana Escobar. My companion is very good friends with the other missionary. My companion and Hermana Escobar had a hard time. Luckily, my Girl Scout skills came in handy, and that the Zone Leaders were there to give the two of them blessings.

The next day we worked on packing up all the stuff of the other missionary. I didn’t sleep well either night.

Wednesday, I had to sleep all day because I was so exhausted.

Thursday and Friday we worked like normal. Friday we worked on the baptism for Saturday.

Saturday was awesome. We had the baptism of our family that has been progressing. The Alva family is now baptized. It was great, because the members actually came and we had all the welcoming talks you should have. The family is super happy that they got baptized. I’m so proud of my last baptisms.

Talk about the best Valentine’s Day ever!

Sunday, they got confirmed and are just as happy as can be. It’s wonderful to see them so happy.

Today, I went with Hermana Escobar and we came to Chorrera to say goodbye. We were in the same area so, it was easier. So, no pictures this week, as I am using the computer of a member right now, and we still have things to do.

I love you all a ton, and will make sure to send pictures this next week.

Love you lots,

Hermana Palmer


And Now For Pictures!


And Another Round of Where’s Natalie?



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