Natalie In Panama – Week 70 – In Which She Has 29 Days Left And Is Not Trunky (Her Words)

I officially have 29 days left today. Man is today weird. Most of my group is going home, so I keep running into people. It’s sad, and I am so glad I got an extension. I heard from another missionary that there are about 12 people extending. I guess it was a popular choice.

So, this week:

On Tuesday, one of the sisters came out for the first time with us. Our district leaders came out too. It actually turned out great. We taught the son of one of our investigators and he paid attention the whole time. We think that he could possibly progress.

After that, we visited the family Alva. They’re doing fantastic. Lizbeth, the mom, is just fantastic. She is completely sure that this is what she wants to do. Her sons are coming to that point too. We are really working on including them in all the things we do in the ward.

That night, dinner was canceled, so we ended up doing 3 different noche de hogars (family nights) with family’s that are inactive. We’ll be doing it this week too.

In the evening, our District Leader called us and told us how we did. He was impressed on our unity when we teach. He was also impressed that I am definitely working despite being close to ending my mission. He did say that we needed to contact more, but that was our problem all week.

Wednesday, we went and taught the Chiru family. We had taught them the plan of salvation last week, and this week we taught them the restoration. They’re a very sweet family.

We went and taught the Alva family about the temple. We’re really trying to start getting people focused on going to the temple. We know that they will really progress if that is their focus.

Thursday, we went out to the Represa. It’s about a 10 minute ride in a chiva, or 45 minutes walking. Chiva is much better. We ended up finding how to get down to the lake. So, we walked down and took pictures. My companion is very firm on that I need to take pictures now that I am going home. She’s doing a good job to try and help me prepare to go home.

We did go to the recent converts that we wanted to visit. They’re super sweet. It’s just hard for them to come to church, because they’re super poor and the dad’s in the hospital.

We had a bunch of stuff planned for the afternoon, but ended up not being able to do them, because my body decided to have problems. I can tell my body is tired, because the sun gives me horrible headaches, and sometimes the food makes me really sick. It’s only one more month though, and I want to work as hard as I can.

We did visit Hermana Graciela and she’s doing great. She’s reading her scriptures now with her daughters and completing her goals for this year. We’re super happy for her.

Friday, none of our investigators were home. So, we ended up visiting recent converts and less actives. We had one who hid from us. The rest of them were okay. One of them is reading her scriptures now, and told us her testimony. It was so beautiful. It’s wonderful when you can see you’re less actives starting to progress again. We didn’t teach anything to that Hermana. We just congratulated her.

We visited some other recent converts that are inactive. We basically gave them a very strong warning lesson last week. We were not sweet and kind in the lesson last week, but we were honest and direct. This week we were sweet, and they received us the same as normal. I think with some time they’ll start to come back.

After dinner, we went with a member to teach the Alva family how to do a Noche de Hogar (family night). Lizbeth told us that she could feel that something was lacking during the week, because we hadn’t visited every day. She said she didn’t feel as calm as normal. We explained the spirit to her again, and that, because we have the gift of the Holy Ghost it’s stronger when we are there. We taught her to do prayer and scripture reading as a family.

Saturday, we sadly had to drop an investigator. Y. seemed like she could have progressed last week, but she is afraid to change. She doesn’t want to admit it. She’s not willing to ask if there is a real prophet today. What’s sad is that she has these questions, but then she answers them as she talks – it’s just that she doesn’t listen to what she says. She talks and talks, but doesn’t really listen. I hope, someday, that she will change her heart and be willing to change.

After that, we taught the Chiru family about the Book of Mormon. They said they had prayed about the Restoration and they feel it’s true. They promised that they would read the Book of Mormon.

Then, in the evening, we went to Hermana Estrada’s baptism. She’s an investigator of the Elders. It took her six times to be fully put under the water, but it was a relief to everyone when she did go completely under.

Then, we tried making pupusas for dinner. I can’t say they were the best pupusas, but they were good.

Sunday, we went to church and didn’t go remind anyone. The Alva family came on their own! We were so happy to see them. They also brought a nephew. Then, a member invited the Chiru family, they weren’t ready, but came late. Also, some members brought friends. We had seven investigators in church! It was awesome. It was a great testimony meeting. Elder Juarez gave his last testimony as a missionary. It was great.

So, this week was awesome!

I hope you guys have a great week!

Love you lots,

Hermana Palmer


And Now For Pictures!


Outside the temple last week

Outside the temple last week

La Rapresa

La Represa

The lake in La Represa

The lake in La Represa

Natalie and her package!

Natalie and her package!

How I used my package!

How I used my package!


Natalie and Hermana Axjup making pupusas.

Natalie and Hermana Axjup making pupusas.

Natalie in front of a schnazzy building in Panama.


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