Natalie In Panama – Week 69 – In Which Many Investigators Agree To Baptized

Okay, so this week was pretty awesome.

We had capacitacions (trainings) on Wednesday. They were in Panama, so we had to go in the early morning, but they turned out to be worth it. We learned a lot. We learned about more that we need to do to have the spirit with us, and how to teach in a better manner. Some of the photos in the blog of Hermana Carmack are me and my companion doing practice teaching. We learned that we needed to be much more direct in our lessons, but when we were, it was so much better.

I can say that our lessons have been tons better this week. We can say that at least once a day, we can feel the spirit in our lessons strongly testifying of what we are teaching. It’s an awesome feeling to have. I feel this sort of sureness that just fills me up and I can feel it spilling over and touching those that I am teaching. We have had some amazing lessons this week.

We also have had a lot of help from members in the lessons. We had two investigators that we were thinking of dropping, but then, when we had a member, they progressed.

One investigator is named Dassi. We taught her lesson 2 and then, when we were talking about being able to enter the reino celestial (Celestial Kingdom) and how we need to be clean, she ended up telling us that she has an addiction to gambling. What was amazing is that the member with us had that addiction before too. So, the member was able to reassure Dassi that she can overcome the addiction. It was also the member’s first time accompanying the missionaries. It was awesome.

The other lesson was with an investigator named Yaribel. We were teaching her about how it is important that there is one church that is true. During the lesson, she ended up telling us how she has prayed over the Book of Mormon and what we have taught her and feels that she needs to learn more. Also, she told us that she wants her husband to listen to us also, because she won’t change churches without him. The problem is he thinks the church is of the devil. Luckily, the two young women who came with us are sisters who are converts. So, one of them was able to talk about that she also had thought the church was of the devil before she was baptized. She explained that her father, her brother and her were like that. Now her brother is in the mission, she wants to go on one, and their father seems like he’s been a member his whole life.  Then, the two young women were able to talk about how much better their family is now. It was exactly what Yaribel needed. Now, we know that she can progress, but she needs time and to do it with her husband.

We also worked with the family Alva this week. They’ve got a baptism date for the 14th of February. We finally got the 15 year old son to come to church and he has a fecha (baptism date) as well. What was amazing is that this week, the mom, Lizbeth, was able to tell us that she has received her answer. It was awesome. It will be great to see the three of them get baptized together.

So, this week was awesome. I can see that the Lord has many blessings in store for us in our area. I am so grateful that I have this extra month to change and become better. I feel that this month will be full of miracles.

I hope you guys keep doing great!


Hermana Palmer


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