Natalie In Panama – Week 68 – In Which She Gets Help From The Bishop’s Daughter

We had a busy week. We took Monday to rest.

Tuesday we had consejos de zona (Zone Meeting). That was actually really good. The ZL’s did a great job and focused on that we need to choose to follow the Lord. We did one fun activity where we had to see how far we could walk on these two lines that made a v shape. Some people did the splits to touch both lines. But in the end, you always had to choose one side or other. The same is for us with God. We will always eventually have to choose him or the enemigo (enemy).


On Tuesday, the hija de the obispo (daughter of the Bishop) went out to work with us. Nayrobi is great. We ended up finding a young woman who we gave a Book of Mormon to. We went across that street to contact a reference. They didn’t want to hear anything. We went to leave and the girl from the other house called us over. She had finished reading the intro to the Book of Mormon. She was interested, so we left her with another assignment to read and a cita (appointment).

We also contacted another young man who we ended up giving a Book of Mormon. We actually got Nayrobi to give him the Book of Mormon. She had made the goal in SOY (Editor’s Note: I don’t know what that is) to give away a Book of Mormon. The guy was super excited that we gave him the book for free. He gave us his number, but we haven’t been able to get in contact with him. One of these days we will.

Then, we ended up contacting a group of jovenes (youth) who were playing football (soccer). We started with two of them and asked them, “If God was here right now and you could ask him one question, what would it be?” Well, they stood there stumped thinking for so long that two of their friends came over. We asked them the same question with the same result. In the end, we ended up with eight youth. They all answered, and we gave them answers. All of their questions had to do with the Plan of Salvation. They were so focused in what we were teaching that they didn’t realize that a car was behind them, until it honked at them. In the end, they gave us their names and house numbers so we could look for them and teach them.

Wednesday and Thursday were normal days. We just spent a time every day with our investigator Lizbeth. She had problems with her printer and my companion knew how to help her. So, it took us most of the week to help her. It was great, because she had questions and we answered them. She’s also reading her Book of Mormon and we were able to help her know how to pray. She was super busy because she was involved in a community activity.

Friday, we went out with one of the other young women. She went with us in the morning and we contacted some of the youth that we met on Tuesday while they played football.

Saturday, we went to the temple in the morning. It was pretty as usual. It was nice as usual. We were definitely blessed as we got a ride back, for free. That helped us out even though it was not comfortable. My companion had to sit on my lap the whole way to Colon. Basically for an hour. But we got back in time to eat and then go help Lizbeth with her activity. We basically went and helped serve people and clean up.

Then, in the evening, we went and visited another investigator named Yaribel with a member named Olea. Hermana Olea was great. She basically taught the lesson. Her testimony was so great. It was a wonderful moment. Also super convenient, because we were exhausted. We had been up since 4 AM, so we were exhausted.

Sunday, we went to look for some recent converts that are inactive. They only came because we forced them, which is sad.

Lizbeth came to church, but only for the 3rd hour. She was exhausted from the day before, but came anyways. It was just that she woke up late, but she came without even bothering to shower. It was great because she really participated in the lesson of Relief Society. She also signed up to bring a drink to the Relief Society activity in Saturday. She’s also going to come to the Bishop’s son’s baptism. It was great, because the members made sure to talk to her afterwards and see how she was doing. I love it when the members help us out.

Then, in the evening we went and visited people near our dinner. We got two new fechas (baptism dates), and one of them is very positive.

Today, we went to Portobello. Basically, it’s ruins of a fort and a black statue of Christ. The fort was pretty, but the church where the statue was just felt dark. It was not a place where the spirit was.

I’m glad to see that everyone is doing well.




And Now For Pictures!


Hermanas Axjup, Azuma, Escobar, and Me in Portabelo

Hermanas Axjup, Azuma, Escobar, and Me in Portabelo

The pretty view of Portabelo

The pretty view of Portabelo


Black jesus, the pride of Portobelo

Black jesus, the pride of Portobelo

Church in Portabelo

Church in Portabelo

The Fort in Portabelo





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