Natalie In Panama – Week 67 – In Which She Has A Random Dinner

So, this week was a bit odd. We took our P-Day on Thursday. We wrote our families on Monday and then went to work. We worked with a member and none of our investigators were home. We did go and visit some inactives. One of them actually came to church on Sunday. That was great to see.

Tuesday, our member canceled to leave (visit) with us, so we called up one of the young women and left with her. That worked out great.

We also had a great district meeting on Tuesday. We really focused on being diligent and having faith. We are working on having seven baptisms this month. I’m praying we have miracles and can do it.

Wednesday, we went out and worked. We had one investigator who said she gets along with us, but doesn’t want to join our church. The way she said it was funny. Then, we had one house we contacted that the first thing they said when we came out was, “Have you had dinner?”

Us: “No?”

“Want to eat?”

We said, “Sure,” and they gave us dinner and cake to take away. We sang Otro Año Ha Pasado (Another Year Has Passed), but it was so bad we had to sing another as thanks. They were great. It was the weirdest contact, but they were super nice.

Then, we contacted most of a neighborhood in an hour before our New Year’s Eve Party.

We had New Year’s with half of the zone at our Ward Mission Leader’s house. We played Uno, and shot off fireworks. I’ll send pictures next week, when the computer recognizes my camera.

We ended around 1am. Two of the Hermana’s stayed at our house. We didn’t sleep until four AM, because we were playing Uno. We cheered when it finally ended.

Thursday, was pretty tranquilo (quiet). We rested in the house, and then did our shopping. We ended up contacting again in the evening. We’re getting pretty good at contacting and setting up appointments to come again.

Friday, we had an adventure just finding our lunch, but we found it. We had to call the Hermana a couple of times. She lives in the area of the Elders.

Then, in the evening, we got to visit a couple of inactive members. Some of them actually showed up to church on Sunday. My companion got a package filled with candy from her boyfriend. Nice guy.

Saturday, we went out with our district leader, his companion, and a member. I would say five people in a lesson is a bit much. We placed two new fechas (baptism dates), and started teaching a very nice, and very large, family.

Sunday, we went to go bring investigators to church. They either couldn’t come, or didn’t wake up. It felt like we called the whole world, and none of them came. Let’s just say I felt super depressed.

Then, we had a lesson with an Evangelico (Evanglical), who, after he realized that what he said didn’t make sense, insisted on only the Bible has the truth, and that to have a prophet means you don’t believe in God. That makes no sense whatsoever. We just shared our testimonies and got out as soon as we could.

The rest of the afternoon was great. We had a member who went out with us all afternoon. We taught a bunch of the contacts we had made on New Year’s Eve. Some seem very positive.

Hopefully, this week goes better. I’m trying to stay positive and think how we can work more with members. If you guys get any ideas, tell me. I could always use more suggestions.

I’m glad to hear you’re all doing great and I hope you have a great week. Stay safe.




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