Natalie In Panama – Week 66 – In Which She Has A Tough Week

So, normally the week of Christmas should be super awesome, but this week was not quite so happy.

So, Christmas Eve we went out and did caroling to our members. Turned out to be a great idea, because some of our members were home alone, and passing through difficulties.  It was great to go and be an answer to their prayers in that moment and bring them a little bit more of Christmas cheer.

On Christmas we went and had lunch. Then, during lunch four Elders called the Zone Leader’s to tell them they had nowhere to call their families. Their area doesn’t have internet, so all four of them had to come to our area to call their families. Thus, we ended up with eight missionaries all in the same house with two computers to call their families.

It was great being able to see you guys and talk to all of you. I’m glad that your flaming turkey problem got solved. I just want to say thank you to all of you for being so supportive of me in my mission and in my extension. I’m grateful for your support.

My poor companion is a recent convert of 14 months and the only member in her family. They didn’t care about talking to her, and so weren’t on the internet when we were. We eventually got ahold of them by phone, which is how we found out that it just wasn’t important to them. She started sobbing, with good reason. Luckily, one of her friends went over to her house and guilt tripped the family into calling and talking to Ajxup. So, we had a small Christmas miracle that Ajxup was on the internet again when her family connected to talk to her. So, in the end, everyone got to talk to their families. It made me very grateful for all of you guys and that it’s important to you that I call.

Then, the day after Christmas was very hard. We had gone to the corner store for some stuff and got a phone call. It was some missionaries. I thought it was a reference. Went in the house and called them back, and they told me that one of my first converts, Maria Ureña, had died the night before and that the funeral was that day. Of course, I started crying. It’s hard to hear that someone you love has just died.

We left and went as fast as we could to get to Chorrera. It took about 3 hours to get there. The Mission President called me too to tell me that she had died. I got in time to go to the cemetery. It was hard to see that family. Maria was a grandmother, but only she, her husband and 2 of her granddaughters are members. They were all devastated and sobbing. I gave them the best comfort I could. Luckily, all the members were there to give them support.

We left after that and came back to Colon. We got back a little before 9 PM. We left at 11 AM. It was about 6 hours traveling in total and about 30 dollars, but I figured it was an emergency and had permission to go.

Saturday, we worked like normal.

Sunday, we had two investigators at church. It was great.

Sad thing was that a member of the ward’s wife has been in the hospital all month with seizures and then was in a coma. He warned us that it was very likely that she was going to die.

Today, we got called and told that she died last night. It’s sad because she has two little children and her husband.

It’s hard, but this is a moment to see if we truly believe in the Plan of Salvation and that we can be together as families for the eternities. It makes it slightly easier to deal with the grief.

So, like I said this week was not so happy. But, it is a moment to realize how much that Lord truly has given us. We have the knowledge that death does not part us. We know that Christ gave us the opportunity to be in families for forever. I guess this Christmas I had to learn the real gift of Christmas which is what Christ gave us.

I hope all of you have a much happier week than the one I just had. I love you all very much and am extremely grateful for each one of you.




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