Natalie In Panama – Week 64 – In Which She Becomes A Trainer

So, this week was changes, and boy was it crazy.

We got told on Monday that we would know on Tuesday morning where we were going. Tuesday morning, we got told nothing.

Oh, also on Monday we were having a sleep over party. Hermana Bennet was going home on Thursday and came to say goodbye to our area. So, she, her companion and Hermana Anderson, all stayed in our house. We stayed up really late talking. We all got up on time though.

So, Tuesday we went to the laundry mat, and we were still in a trio. Anderson was with me and Hall. I was calling some people in Boquete to say Happy Mother’s day. (By the way, Happy Mother’s Day to Mom for the Panama Day).

Then, I got this call from immigrations. I picked it up, and the Elder told me I needed to be in panama, when the phone cut off. I yelled “no!” at the phone. So, Anderson told me to go outside because the reception’s better. I got up and actually jumped over a large bag of laundry to get outside. He called me back and told me, “You need to be in Presidents house at 1:30 PM today to pick up your trainee.” So, I start jumping up and down as he’s talking to me. This was at 12:30. We ran back inside, grabbed our laundry out of the dryers and went to drop it off at the house.

We ended up doing divisions. Escobar in my zone is also training, so, we went together to Panama. Hall stayed with Anderson and Lopez in Casco.

We got to Panama around 2 PM. We got to the President’s house around 3 PM. We got introduced to our new companions. I’m the only gringo training a Latino. My companion is from Guatamala, and her name is Ajxup (akshup – like you’re sneezing.) She’s great, super upbeat and a go getter. She knows the lessons and I’m really only teaching her the paperwork. It’s awesome and I get to improve my Spanish.

We got home around 9 PM that night. Hall knew she had changes, but not where. The mission office called everyone and told them they would know Wednesday morning.

Finally around 1 PM on Wednesday, they called and told Hall that she was going to San Blàs. The poor thing did not want to go for anything. She’s okay now that she’s out there, but she was really worried when she left.

So, she left that day, and we went to work.

We’ve been working hard this week. We’re going out and trying to make sure we find new people and that we plan Noche de Hogars (Family Nights) with the members to get them more involved in our work.

We’ve got a new DL (District Leader). Actually, about everyone in the zone had changes. Four of us are training Latinos. It’s awesome. So, my new DL is Elder Ah Sue. I don’t know if any of you remember Amanda Ah Sue from the singles ward? It’s her brother. So, it’s awesome to have someone from the same singles ward here. It’s really fun and he’s a good DL.

Just a highlight. Sunday, we had the Stake Christmas Devotional. We sang in the doorway to greet people. We did laugh as we sang ‘mi burrito sabanero’ (Editor’s Note: I couldn’t find a translation).You’ll have to look it up to understand why. Then, one of the Stake President’s councilors sang “What Child Is This” in Spanish. It was super sweet.

Today, we went to Causeway, and that’s what the photos are from.

Hope you all have a great week.




And Now For Pictures!


My hija and me!

My hija and me!

A blurry photo of Causeway

A blurry photo of Causeway

My homies and me at Causeway

My homies and me at Causeway

Causeway is pretty

Causeway is pretty

Ajxup and me at Causeway

Ajxup and me at Causeway


And Now Another Round of “Where’s Natalie?”



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