Natalie In Panama – Week 62 – In Which She Learns From An Investigator

So, this week I only had about 2 days in which I got to work.

We started out the week great. We had a member named Hermana Reina who went out with us on Tuesday. We had a lesson with an investigator named Jodiel. He’s around 20. Hermana Reina is a grandmother. We weren’t sure it was going to work, but it was what we had to work with. As we know, though the Lord works in mysterious ways. The two of them hit it off great. They bonded over trying to find work. Hermana Reina turns out to be a convert of 4 years. She was evangelico (Evangelical) before, so her testimony is based in the restoration. It was perfect. You could really feel the spirit in that lesson.

Then, Hermana Reina accompanied us for a couple hours to contact houses. It was great.

The next day I got a headache, and by the end of the night I had a fever. The Elders came over and gave me a blessing.

We stayed home on Thursday, because I thought I would get better if I rested at home.

Woke up on Friday and I had a fever again. I couldn’t win. So, I called the nurses. I was pretty sure it was an infection in my throat. I had that last year at this time, and I had all the same symptoms. Went to the hospital and they looked in my throat and said ‘yes it’s a throat infection.’  They told me I had to get 5 shots, one a day. I also have to take 2 different types of pills.

It’s expensive, so Mom, don’t worry that my personal account is low. I just used it for this and I’m going to get reimbursed.

Saturday, a member named Hermana Vetansas went out with us in the morning. She used to be the Stake Relief Society President, and so knows where almost all the members live. She showed us where two live who are near to the chapel, and we got to visit one of them.

Then, we went and visited one of our investigators named Alberto. That was great. Hermana Vetansas has a great understanding of the Priesthood and so was able to explain it very clearly to him. Alberto didn’t understand the Apostacy when we explained it to him. It was also great because Alberto tends to not listen to Hermana Hall. He tends to just be amazed at the amount of Spanish she can speak in only 3 months. So, it was nice to see him really paying attention to what Hermana Vetansas was saying to him.

After that, we went to the clinic for my shot and then went home.

Sunday, I was still sick. My members are great. They were all very sweet about the fact that I couldn’t respond or pay much attention in church. They could all see I was not feeling well. They all said they hoped I get better.

Then, after church we had a short correlation meeting. Then what did I do? What I do every day for right now. I went to the clinic and got my shot. The rest of the day was used in planning, but we weren’t able to finish, because we had to go to dinner.

The clinic I’ve been going to is in Colon Centro about 30 minutes away, so it takes longer. It’s just safer, because it’s the clinic the medics recommended to me.

So, yeah not a ton to report this week. This next week will be more exciting. Tomorrow I finish my shots. I’m already starting to feel better, so no worries there.

Hope you all have a great week, and have a happy Thanksgiving.




And Now For Pictures!


Holiday decorations! I may not have any food for the holiday, but I can have decorations!

Hall did one of the turkeys for me.

Natalie's Thanksgiving decorations

Natalie's Thanksgiving decorations

Natalie's Thanksgiving decorations


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