Natalie In Panama – Week 61 – In Which She Rides The Metro

Anyway, this week has been interesting. On Monday we went to the temple, like I wrote you all last week. Let’s just say the temple is awesome, but truly exhausting when you have to ride buses to get to and from your area to the temple.

Then, the first half of the week was just off. I got super sick to my stomach. I have some stomach problems that are going to be fun to get fixed by the doctor when I get home. Anyway, for now the nurses have prescribed Pepto Bismo and eating less grease. That means telling the members no fried food etc. That’s hard because that is the diet here. But the Pepto Bismo does help. I’m basically back to normal now, and I only had to take it for about 3 days.

Then, on Wednesday, we were in part of our area and found that we could not think of where to go or what to do. We ended up going home because I wasn’t feeling good. We discussed it and decided that we should not be working in certain parts of our area. What happened is that the missionaries before us only worked in about two parts of the area. These happen to be the areas where we feel very strongly that we should not be working. We decided that we should be working more towards the chapel.

That night, we had an appointment in one of the areas we decided we should be working and the man accepted a fecha (baptism date). He understood the restoration completely. He even commented that this would be important, because, if this is true, then Joseph Smith is the only person he’s ever heard of who has seen God. I thought about it and he’s right. It’s always cool to learn from your investigators.

We went home super pumped.

Thursday, we worked in the area by the chapel and the spirit was so much better. It was like day and night compared to the day before. We found a young man who is super happy. He’s was very nice and really wanted to hear what we had to say. He said the plan of salvation was something entirely new for him. It was cool.

Friday was more contacting, but we feel that part of the area isn’t quite ready to have baptisms. But, we think we need to work there to prepare it for the next missionaries.

Saturday, there happened to be a random parade in our area, so no one was home. We ended up calling a family of recent converts and telling them we would come see them. Normally, we take a chiva (bus) to get out there, but there weren’t any because of the parade. So, we walked about 40 minutes to get to them. They were super happy that we came to see them. Then, as we walked back we got a free ride in a taxi. The Lord truly loves us. We even got to the baptism of the Elders on time. It was great.

So, this week was hard, but it was interesting. I could really see how much the Lord loves us. There have been so many little things that have happened that just remind me of that.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week. Tell Dad hi for me.

Love Natalie


And Now For Pictures!


A group of Hermanas at lunch. Sadly, we didn't have all of us.

A group of Hermanas at lunch. Sadly, we didn’t have all of us.

Colon - It's pretty

Colon – It’s pretty

Colon - It's pretty


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