Natalie In Panama – Week 59 – In Which She Learns To Stress Less

So, this week was a good week. To be honest, I started out the week super stressed. I’m trying to get my area all organized and do everything I’m supposed to. It’s just a lot sometimes.

Luckily, we had divisions this week on a zone level. They basically did a mix of the zone. I didn’t find out till the night before, which only added to my stress. Luckily, I got to go with Escobar, who I’m friends with. She doesn’t know her area either – She’s only been here a week too. So, a member came out with us and taught her part of the area. It was great. Also, at dinner I got to complain to Escobar and Elder Ismael about my stress. They brought me back down to earth and I realized they were right. There really isn’t a huge reason for me to be stressed out. I’ll do all I can, and I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to remember that. So, it was great to have that time to get over my stress. When I got back to my area the next day I was a lot less stressed.

Then, on Friday, we had lunch with a Hermana who I had forgotten to tell all of my allergies to. I told her about the pork and she said, “Oh, I almost cooked that today.” What did she cook instead? Spam! It’s the same thing! I went home sick for the rest of the day and got a much needed nap.

Saturday, we also stayed at home a good portion of the day because the two of us had problems with our stomachs. So, we worked on the carpeta de la area (binder for the area). At least we got something productive done, and found some antiguo investigadores (former investigators) that we are going to look for.

Sunday, was Stake conference. It went great. We didn’t have any investigators, but the Elders did. She’s a teenager and ended up sitting with us because she felt more comfortable with us. So, we managed to help the Elders out.

Then we went home and were bosses and did our weekly planning.

We then had interviews with President Carmack. We had to wait about two hours, because he got set behind on time. I got another interview. I had one last change, and normally you only get them every six months. It was great. I talked to President about our area and some sketchy stuff that happened. I also commented about having almost only gringas (Caucasian girls). He said that I am a unique case. I concluded from that, that the Lord has given me a good ability to learn the language.

Interviews are like getting Christmas presents. They’re awesome.

Then, today we went to the temple. They had the new video and it was awesome. I learned some new stuff. The temple is wonderful.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.




And Now For Pictures!


A cool mural in Boquete

Natalie saying goodbye to the swalms in Boquete

A cool mural in Boquete

A cool mural in Boquete

A cool mural in Boquete

Another cool mural in Boquete

Natalie and Hermana Hall comparing who has the bushier, curly hair

Natalie and Hermana Hall comparing who has the bushier, curly hair

Natalie and Hermana Hall at the Panama Temple.

Natalie and Hermana Hall at the Panama Temple.


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