Natalie In Panama – Week 58 – In Which She Moves, Is Exhausted, and Sleeps

So, this week was kind of crazy. On Monday we were waiting to find out if we had changes. They told us on Tuesday morning that we had changes, but they didn’t tell us where to. Then about 1 PM they told us where we were going to.

I had changes and Pula stayed in Boquete.

I’m now in Colon and my companion is named Hall. She’s new, and I’m her second companion. So, I am now the mayor compañera (senior companion) for the first time in my mission. Yes, of course I have another gringo companion. It’s funny I came out to the mission and everyone said that I would have only Latina companions. Well, out of 8 companions I have had 5 gringas. In total I’ve only spent 6 months of my mission with a Latina companion. So, I’m now on my 5th area and I think this will be my last area. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be staying here to finish.

So, I said goodbye to everyone on Tuesday. It wasn’t very long, because the area was too big to say goodbye to most of the people. Then I packed and that to be honest didn’t take very long either. I’m starting to reduce the amount of things I have, because I’ll be finishing soon. I got a ride from the Presley’s and went down to David about 10pm. I got on the midnight bus with the Elders that had changes too. Let’s just say that sleeping on the bus is not the most comfortable thing to do. Got to Albrook terminal about 7:30 AM and I left for Colon around 8:30 AM. I was alone, and got a little nervous. But everything worked out just fine. I met up with Hall and we went to the house. We have a nice little house.

We went straight out to work. I was exhausted of being cooped up inside, so I wanted to go work. We had our reunion con el lider misional de barrio (with the area mission leader) and I was totally dead during the meeting.

To be honest, I can’t remember too much what happened during Thursday and Friday. I was super tired. We did have zone meeting and Elder Ismael is my DL (District Leader) again. It’s funny – he’s been in all of my zones except for David.

I remember planning on Friday and then I fell asleep in my proselyting clothes, because I was completely exhausted.

Sunday, I got to go to the church for the first time. We meet in a house that has been converted to a chapel. It’s nice – a little odd – but nice. We’re in an actual ward – that’s awesome. Hall plays the piano for the ward. It was really funny during one of the songs – everyone sang the first and second verse. Then we got to the third verse and everyone started on the second verse again. Only Elder Blakenshair and I were the ones singing the third verse. Everyone sang for 30 seconds and then they completely stopped. So, for about 20 seconds only the elder and I were singing. It was hysterical. I’ve never had anything like that happen before.

Anyway, my area seems cool. It’s hot, and I have to get used to that again, but I like it. Also, it’s all hills, little ones. I think it will help me lose whatever weight I gained in Boquete. I think I’m going to have an awesome last 3 months. We’re going to work super hard and we’re going to see miracles.

I hope you all have a great week. Everyone seems to be doing okay. Sorry, there’s no pictures this week. We’re using computers in the stake center, because it’s a holiday today so everything is closed down. I’ll try to send some next week, but you may have to wait about 2 weeks because next week is also a holiday. We’ll see how it goes.

Love you lots,



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