Natalie In Panama – Week 57 – In Which She Discovers A New Section of Her Area

So, this week was a great week. We worked really hard to make sure we were busy every day and had members to leave with us.

So, we had a reference that we received from the Elders that we contacted this week. His name is Fabio, and he’s a wandering Koona artist. He’s heard of the church before and has a Book of Mormon that he’s reading.

So, our lesson with him was really funny. We were teaching the restoration. At one point, he didn’t understand something and one of his friends who was listening explained it to him in Koona. Then, later in the lesson, one of the other friends responded to the question of why there had to be an Apostacia (Apostacy). Turns out this friend is an inactive member. It was really funny, because he ended up telling us he got baptized about 5 years ago. Then Fabio looked at him really intently and said, “Wait, you’re part of this church?”

The friend: “Yeah, I got baptized 5 years ago”

Fabio: Änd you don’t go to church?

The Friend: “Well…..”

Fabio: “Go to your church!”

Fabio said it super disapprovingly to his friend. Then, later, when we were asking if Fabio would be baptized, one of his other friends said something really funny. The friend is Evangelico (Evangelical) and isn’t active in his church or interested in ours. But, when we asked Fabio the friend said, “Baptizetè” (get baptized). It was super funny. Then to end it all, at the end of the lesson we invited Fabio and his friends to come to church. They discussed it in Koona, and then, at the end, it turned out like this: Fabio was going to pass for his friend Lary, who’s inactive. How funny is it that the investigator brought the inactive to church? Lessons with member really do work.

So, this week, we also went and visited a menos activo (less active) whose family are not members. We did a noche de hogar (family night) with them, and a lesson later in the week. What was funny was the wife made us hot chocolate both times. Then, she put out a plate of buttered bread, to dip in the chocolate, but it wasn’t a little bit. It was about a loaf of bread. It’s super yummy, but wooh, too much bread.

We also taught a contact and his wife this week. Well, the wife is Evangelico (Evangelical). So, we explained that we would like to start our message with a prayer, and explained how you do it. We also told them you say amen at the end if you’re in agreement. Then the wife asked, “And if you’re not in agreement?”

Well, I gave the prayer, and what happens? Neither one of the investigators says, “Amen,” even though I prayed for them. Talk about awkward. But the lesson was all right.

Okay, so, also this week, we left with a member named Louis. He has a car, so we went to part of our area that’s really spread out. We went to one reference, and it was great. There were a ton of positive people there. Then, we went to the next one, which is way out on this cattle ranch. We had to get in and out of the car to open and close these wire and wood fences, so we could pass.

Then, we got to the house, and we were like maybe 10 feet from the house and we said, “It’s okay here.”

Louis says no, he doesn’t like to walk. So, he starts to move the car so that it’s closer to the house. Next thing we know, the car is stuck in the ditch. This is a very deep ditch.

So, he tried to reverse the car, to no avail. Then, he got the men working on the ranch to help and they tried putting rocks under the wheels and pushing. No change. Then, they tie the little Honda there to Louis’s mini-van. That didn’t work either. Finally, we ended up with everyone pushing from in front and the car pulling from behind. We got the car out of the ditch, but I super scraped my leg in the process. I’ll send pictures next week. We shared a short message and then left.

Louis was nice about what happened, but it was funny, because when we started the day, he was super chatty and when we ended he didn’t say a thing.

Then, this week we went with Louis another day, because he lives in an area called Potrerillos. Turns out Potrerillos is part of our area. It’s big enough it could be its own area. My area just grew a ton. We’re going to try working there once a week, because missionaries have not worked there. We thought it was another ward’s, then we found out it’s ours. It’s kind of insane, and my mind was whirling with information when we we’re done touring the area.

Last of all for this week, we had ward council on Sunday. It was great. We had four investigators come to church and one of them was Fabio and he brought the inactive. Fabio also took out his huge earrings and tied up his hair to come. It was great! I love seeing people progress.

You all sound like you’re doing great.

Alexis keep trooping on. You’ll get a lot of no’s from different places, but if you keep trying you will find work, and that will be great. Don’t give up.

I hope you had a great birthday Michael, and get to eat lots of cake.

Love you lots,



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