Natalie In Panama – Week 55 – In Which She Walks Through A Field Of Cows

So, this week was a good week. We worked hard.

Monday, we pretty much chilled here in Boquete, and Pula started her application to BYU Hawaii.

Tuesday, we had a good day. We had our Reunion de Districto (District Meeting) and then we came home to do our studies. We studied to teach Bob about the priesthood. The Elders came to help us explain it. That lesson went great. Bob had looked up about the priesthood on the church´s website, because he had a lot of questions after conference. He understood it really well. That lesson was filled with the spirit. It was really cool.

That night, we went and visited a less active. She´s the only member in her family. We went with her to invite one of her neighbors to come to the noche de hogar (Family Home Evening). The neighbor listened to us and then just smiled and closed the door. We all waited for a moment, not sure if she was coming or not, but decided she wasn´t coming. Hermana Emilda couldn´t get over the fact that her neighbor didn´t say anything. We ended up just sharing a message with Hermana Emilda, but that was okay.

Wednesday, we went out to a neighborhood called Breezes de Boquete. We thought we would try contacting it. It is a place of super-rich people. It´s surprisingly scary to contact rich people. We did end up having a nice conversation with one of the workers, but the man didn´t believe there´s anything after this life.  Then, we contacted a house of this old American woman. She came out, and she apparently had lessons from missionaries in the states. The problem is that she doesn´t believe that the Bible is anything more than a nice story and doesn´t believe God will answer her prayers. Sad, right?

We did have a good lesson with a reference who is also an American. She and her husband make me think of Mrs. Post, but a little more like she´s from New York. They´re really nice and we like them. I just hope they realize our message is something actually to be taken seriously.

Thursday, we had Hermana Carmen go with us. We had planned to go and visit less actives who have members in their families who aren´t members. But, everyone who wasn´t a member wasn´t there. The lessons went great, and I think at least of one of them is seriously thinking of coming back to church, which is great.

Friday was fun. We went out to the Francais to work with Mariela. She ended up taking us to two references. One of them lives out on a ranch. We got to walk down a long, pretty road, and then we had to cross fields of cows. That was entertaining. You have the two of us trying to cross these wet fields and avoid stepping in the cow pats, while dressed in church clothes. There were some parts where it was just mud and cow pats. We tried to cross in as few steps as possible. But, the family was nice and the daughter might come next week to church.

Then, we taught another native family and they didn´t seem to understand what we were saying. I felt like I was in a movie. The mom and daughters were just staring at us. We ended up explaining the very basics that there is a God, and that we are his children and then teaching them how to pray. It was the oddest feeling lesson I have had.

That night, we went and visited an investigator. Her mom was there and opened up to us. She told us everything about her problems in her marriage. I won´t go into detail, but it was some serious stuff. I´m not sure why people just open up to us, but they do. It must be the Lord’s doing.

Saturday, we had a service project in the morning. The stake cleaned up trash in David. It went well, and then we had an awesome noche de hogar (Family Night) that night.

Oh, and good news I have a baptism next week.

I´m out of time, but I love you all a ton and hope you have a great week.

I´ll send pictures next week.




Okay, so Pula had to do some more on her application, so I have some time to write some more.

Saturday, the service project was long and hot. Panama always has trash on the streets, so the Stake went out and worked in organized groups to clean up trash. We walked for about 2 hours in the hot sun of David, up and down hills picking up trash. The guy with us from the city was really nice and seemed to like learning about Mormons. He was sweet and bought soda for us. Afterwards, everyone took a picture as a stake. (Sorry, I don’t have a picture.)

Then, we came home and crashed. We had gotten up at 5:30 or so to be at the park in David at 8:30 am. Then, we went and visited this super cute menos activo (less active) family. I think with a bit more work they’ll become active. They’re super young and have a 1-year-old son. He’s sick, poor thing and has phlem that makes it so he can’t breath at times. So, on Sunday, we went over with the Elders to give him a blessing. Man, did that kid not want anyone to touch his head, but he settled down by the end of it.

Then, in the night time we had a noche de hogar with Rosemary and her sister. Rosemary completed a year as a member on Sunday. That’s a big deal, so we made her a card and gave her a picture. She’s awesome. She’s sharing the Gospel with her sister. She gave her sister a Book of Mormon and we explained why it’s so important to her. It’s great to see Rosemary so happy to share the Gospel.

Sunday was awesome. The chapel got filled. We didn’t have any investigators, because Bob was sick and Juan had to stay with his wife, who is super sick. None of our less actives came either, but I think they will next week.

But we do have a new family, so that makes me happy.

– Natalie


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