Natalie In Panama – Week 54 – In Which She Talks To People On A Bus


So, this week flew by too. This week was interesting. It was changes on Wednesday, but I didn’t have any. We got an Elder Salguere here in Boquete. He’s nice.

This change is going to be a little crazy. It’s only going to be 4 weeks long. Then, the next one is 5 weeks long, and after that there’s one for 9 weeks, and then I come home. Time is running away from me. Thinking about all of this, I have decided I need to have the drive as if this was my last change. I don’t have that much time left here, so I need to work super hard.

So, we had some good lessons this week. We now have one other investigator that speaks English. It’s interesting how hard it is for us to teach the Gospel in English. The two of us feel that it’s more natural in Spanish for us now.

So, in our Reunion de Districto (District Meeting), our new leader challenged us to invite everyone to come to General Conference. He told us he would give the ones with the most contacts something this week. We took that very seriously. We ended up contacting the buses we were in on Friday. We were both trying to figure out how we were going to do it, but I thought about it, and then on the next bus I did it.

It’s kind of freaky to contact a bus full of 30 people. I just stood up in front and explained that we believe that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God has always called prophets, as we can see in the Bible, and we believe he does the same today. And then, we invited them to come to General Conference and hear the prophet for themselves.

I almost backed out of doing it, but then I remembered I had promised myself I would do it. I don’t think anybody came, but it at least gets the church more known.

Saturday and Sunday, we spent watching General Conference. President Bram brought his laptop and projector so we could watch it in the chapel. Only a few members showed up on Saturday. It was great to watch General Conference. It was in Spanish, but at least I could understand it. I loved the fact that they are letting the speakers give the talks in their own language now. It’s wonderful that the people that speak these languages will be able to hear the speaker’s voice and not a translator. Also, it is probably a lot easier for the speaker.

Sunday was amazing also. I got to watch the first session in English. We went to a member’s house, where an investigator was watching. I loved when the choir sang “Praise to the Man”. It was absolutely beautiful.

Then, we watched the afternoon session in the chapel again. I loved that Elder Ballard did his own translation to Spanish. When the translation went on I was confused, because it was clearly his own voice. I loved it!

All of conference was amazing. If you didn’t get to see it, I encourage you to go watch it on the website. Or just revisit the talks. I loved all of it, and still felt the Spirit, despite having a cold all weekend.

I hope you all have a great week and get to apply what you learned in General Conference.

One other thing I forgot to mention – Bob, our investigator watched all of conference. He also got rid of all of the coffee he had in his house on Sunday. He is going around telling everybody he’s getting baptized. It’s awesome!

Love you lots,



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