Natalie In Panama – Week 53 – In Which She Has Challenges

So, this week has been hard. Every day we went out and worked and it felt like no one was home. We had a ton of appointments fija (fixed, set-up), and then no one was home or didn’t answer the door. Lame.

Friday, we went to lunch and then we ended up deciding to contact in the area. While we were doing that, we got broken up with by an investigator over text message. It was like getting broken up by your boyfriend through text message. So, obviously we were kinda bummed out by that.

While we were in that area, we also tried contacting one house and this gringo came out. Contacting Americans is scary. I don’t even know how to do it in English anymore. Points to Michael for having to do that all the time. The woman didn’t even listen to us. She just told us she wasn’t interested.

Well, after all that, we did find an awesome new investigator. We were explaining about prophets and how they communicate with God for us, as seen in the Bible. She asked, “Doesn’t God communicate with us anymore?”

We were super happy with that question, because the answer is yes, there are prophets today and God does talk to us still. We’re excited to go and teach her some more.

We also got to go to a talent show in another ward, and that was fun to see another area.

Sunday, we had to sing in church, but it seemed to go okay. Then, afterwards, we had a meeting that seemed really long. We went to lunch afterwards with the Brams and they gave us pupusa’s. They were delicious. We also had an amazing ice cream brownie desert. It had homemade berry sauce and orange peel. It was so pretty. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera to take a picture, because it seriously looked like something from a restaurant.

We went out to the farthest part of our area. We visited some less actives and that was great. Then, we went to a reference we had met last week and given a Book of Mormon too. She went in to supposedly find her Book of Mormon. We waited for 30 minutes and then her cousin came out to send us away. Lame sauce.

We went home and we had to finish our weekly planning. So, we really prayed and asked for some guidance. This area needs a lot of help, and we felt that what we did this week did not work. Our numbers were really low. So, we ended up deciding that what we are going to do is start looking for more of the menos actives (less actives). We realized that our investigators can’t really stay in the church if even the members aren’t staying. So, we’re going to start looking for the menos activos (less actives) at the same time that we look for the investigators.

What was cool was that my comp had a moment when she felt super frustrated by our numbers. It was totally understandable – our numbers were not good. But, I had this moment where all of a sudden I decided I was not going to let me get me down. I decided that this week is going to be awesome. We’re going to work hard and everything is going to work out.

All I can say was it was this moment of I’m not giving in or giving up. All this change, I have been struggling with these feelings of resentment and frustration. I was frustrated with God for having moved me when I had baptisms lined up, and I was frustrated with myself for not accepting the will of God. Then, yesterday, I finally broke through that. I finally feel good about being here and good about what I need to do here. It was as if this heavy burden got lifted off of me. It feels great.

Today we hung out with the zone. We made zone t-shirts and had a water fight. Sorry, I don’t have any photos of it.

I hope you guys have a great week. I know I will. This week is zone conference, and it’s going to be awesome.

I love you all a ton,



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