Natalie In Panama – Week 52 – In Which A Strange Miracle Happens

So this week was pretty normal for most of the week. We were working really hard on trying to give more follow up to our investigators and work with members. It’s hard in our area because it’s so spread out, but we’re trying our best. Our members are doing a great job in trying to help us. They’re giving us more meals and they are leaving (visiting) with us. I really appreciate my members.

So, I’ll just give a couple highlights from this week.

Thursday, we went and did a noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) with a menos activo (less active) family. They’re Naobi, and live up on this hill.  You have to cross this rickety old bridge, and then you basically have to hike up a trail to get to the tiny house made of wood and tin. We shared a small message and played a game, in the light of candles. It’s amazing for me to be in such different circumstances, but see that the gospel applies to everyone.

Anyway, the Elders, Pula, and me climbed down in the rain and started walking for a dinner appointment we had together. We were late, so we were walking super fast. Then, next thing we know, Pula’s shoe completely explodes open. It had looked like a mouth in the morning and then the layers burst apart. So, we had to gimp to dinner in the rain. The Swalm’s were great and gave us duct tape to keep her shoe together to get home. The shoes have officially died. It was really funny.

Friday was our crazy day. We had a noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) with the Sanjur family. They live really far out from everybody, and you have to walk down a trail to get to their house. So, we did the noche de hogar (Family Home Evening), with the 4 of us again. We left in the dark, and, of course I tripped and fell.

Just a side note, but this is a normal, daily occurrence.

Anyway, because of this we missed the bus. We got to the bus stop and the 4 of us were huddling because we were freezing. Then Elder Duron says, “Did that guy get hit?”

We all turn to look, and next thing we know this old guy goes flying as he gets hit by a car. I have never known anyone to run as fast as the Elders ran to this guy. They took off as soon as it happened. Duron called 911, and we were trying to see if the guy was alive. He looked like he was dead. He was unconscious and had blood coming from his head. Taylor gave him a blessing and soon as he finished the guy came too and started talking. We kept the guy calm and waited for the ambulance, with some other people that came to help. Finally the ambulance came and took the man.

We all got on the bus after that, and all of us were in shock. I was really grateful that in emergencies I don’t freak out, and stay calm normally.

Luckily for Pula and me, one of our less actives was on the bus and needed help with her bags. So, we got to do service after we got off the bus. That really helped us, to be honest.

When we got home we said a prayer, and I put on a movie. I didn’t want to think. Luckily we slept well, and none of the 4 of us had nightmares.

On Sunday, I was sharing my testimony on what happened. I came to realize that we were truly used as instruments in the Lord’s hands. What would have happened to that man if we weren’t there? We wouldn’t have been there if we weren’t trying to strengthen our branch by having noches de hogar (Family Home Evenings). We wouldn’t have been there if I hadn’t fallen. The bruise on my leg is worth it to save someone. I realized that the Lord really does have confidence in me. I’ve been doubting that recently, and on Sunday I realized he really does trust me. I am so grateful for that knowledge.

On a happy note, Juan, our neighbor, came to church for the second time. He came all on his own, too. He is the sweetest little old man. I hope I get to see him baptized this change.

Then, today, we went on a hike with the Elders, because there are no other missionaries near us, so, of course, everything is together. Anyway, we went on a hike to a place called bajo mono. It was really pretty.

I hope you guys have a great week, and that everyone is really careful crossing the road.

I love you all a ton,



And Now For Pictures!


A pretty flower we found on the way.

A pretty flower we found on the way to Bajo Mano

Bajo Mano

Me at Bajo Mano

Me at Bajo Mano

Bajo Mano

Bajo Mano

Bajo Mano

Bajo Mano

Bajo Mano

Pula at Bajo Mano

All of us at Bajo Mano

Bajo Mano

Photos from our hike to Bajo Mono.


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