Natalie In Panama – Week 49 – In Which She Helps Her Companion Get Over A Cold

So, the biggest thing this week definitely was sickness. I started the week with a cold, but took my medicine and got better. Then my companion got sick, and didn’t take medicine, because she doesn’t like to take pills. Guess what happened? She didn’t get better. We ended up going to the clinic and they told us it was an infection. She now is taking antibiotics, and I’m making her take cold medicine for the cold she has. She didn’t want to take pills, and now has to take a ton. She keeps working and insisting that she’s fine no matter how bad she is. At times it’s like walking with a zombie that insists it’s okay. I’m using my good mom skills, and making sure she rests and takes everything she needs to.
Just want to say thanks for the cold medicine mom. If you could send some more in my next package that would be great. My companions and I are the ones using it. It makes a huge difference.

So, we had some interesting and slightly sad stuff happen this week. We are teaching a pair of twins who are 16. We had a baptism date set up, but then their parents said no. Their parents want them to have more time and knowledge. The twins were really sad. They really want to get baptized.

Then, we talked to the mom of 3 other jovenes (youth) that we are teaching. Their mom said it was okay as long as they feel it is the right step. The three jovens aren’t sure yet.

We find it really ironic that those who are ready don’t have permission, and those who aren’t do. We’ve talked about it and believe the Lord has more in store for the twins than what we’ve thought. We know there is a reason for everything, and that the Lord will provide for what we need. We just need to have patience and look to see how we can move forward.

So, this week we finally had time to do our Semanal Planamiento (Weekly Plan). Woohoo! It’s been about 3 weeks since we’ve had time to do it fully. It seriously made a dent in our numbers to not do it. I was really happy to be able to plan for everyone in my area. This week is going to be awesome.

We had stake conference this week and it was great. President Carmack spoke, and the 4 Hermanas in our zone that are going home on Wednesday. It was awesome.

Just a note about the football tournament last week – It was awesome. I loved getting to see everyone I know. I got super burnt, but it was totally worth it. We completely lost as a zone, but we had fun.

I love you all a ton and hope you all have a great week.

Love Natalie


And Now For Pictures!


Natalie and Vroom

Natalie and Vroom

Natalie and Hermana Salima, who was in Michael´s zone in the CCM (Mexico CIty MTC)

Natalie and Hermana Salima, who was in Michael´s zone in the CCM (Mexico CIty MTC)

Natalie, Hernandez, Hernandez (the other one), Johnson

Natalie, Hernandez, Hernandez (the other one), Johnson

Natalie and Hermana Johnson

Natalie and Hermana Johnson

Natalie's Zone!

Natalie’s Zone!


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