Natalie In Panama – Week 48 – In Which She Makes Pancakes and Teaches Lessons

So, this week went by really fast too. How does it go straight from Tuesday to Saturday?
Monday – We went to valley Anton and were really behind in our schedule, but managed to do everything we needed to. I was also really sunburnt, but it was fun.

Tuesday – We went to the temple. It was the Stake’s day to go. It was great to be in the temple. The only problem is that every time I’m super tired and have a hard time not falling asleep. We missed the first bus to go back to Chorrera, but that worked out. I got to see Cipriano and his grandaughters at the temple. It is great to see my converts go to the temple.
We had divisions that day with the Hermanas in Biencheri 2. So, I got to see members from my first area. We did well that day. We got one of their investigators to accept a fecha bautismal (baptism date). That’s always awesome, and the woman said for herself that she would go to the church to get to know it.

Wednesday – My district cooked breakfast for the zone. We did pancakes with pieces of apple in them – my invention. Got to go back to my area and heard about the awesome Noche de Hogar (family night) my comp had the night before. It was all jovens (youth) and they brought their friends. We have a pair of twins that are getting baptized on Saturday. They’re 17 and are super animated. They brought friends to the Noche de Hogar. Then a menos activo (less active), who’s also a friend, apparently asked a friend to be baptized and the friend accepted. We’ve got some awesome jovens.

Thursday -We had a Noche de Hogar with a family that is starting to be more active. It went really well. We also had a lesson with an investigator named Joshua. He’s been to church one time and the rest of his family is inactive. He accepted a fecha (baptism date), and he said he’s only going to go to our church because he knows it’s wrong to go to more than one church. He’s super sweet, and wants his mom to be more active.

Friday – Virgilio told us that he does want to be baptized, but he can’t the 16th. He said somewhere around the 20th. But he will be baptized this month. He’s a great little old guy, and has changed a lot. Also a member we asked to visit him, did. I love it when members follow through.

We also got taken out to dinner that night by a former missionary. She knows that we normally get the same routine and it’s nice to have something different. She’s super sweet.

Saturday – We spent all day helping the Relief society. We had an activity for the visiting teachers. We did practices with them. They were given different scenarios. One was someone who only gossiped in the lesson. Another was like a robot, there was no love. One was addicted to their cellphone and the last one was correct. The Hermanas had a great time and learned without us lecturing them. It was great.

We ended the night going home and resting, because I had a cold from divisions.

Sunday – we had a noche de hogar de barrio (Family Night of the area?). It went great. We had about 43 people, and some of those were menos activos. We taught about the expiacion (atonement). We showed a video called the violin, and the Elders talked about the people of Ammon. Then everyone had cardboard swords to write what they were going to stop doing to follow the Lord better. It went over really well.

Sorry, there’s no photos. I forgot my cord. We were at a multi-zone soccer game in Panama. I’ll send photos next week.

I love you all a ton.

Have a great week!



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