Natalie In Panama – Week 45 – In Which She Reaches A Goal

This week was AWESOME!!!

We worked super hard this week. I’m just going to give the highlights, and in the order I remember them, because I’m short on time.

We did service for the Relief Society President, and raked her yard. Then we got another service to wash another member’s dog. That was really fun, and we got to wear our beautiful Mormon helping hands vests.

We had members planned to go with us every day this week, but as usual things happen. Not all of them could go with us, and we couldn’t find replacement members. We decided to go to families I felt we should visit. Turned out, we had listened to the spirit. We found investigators in these houses that are very positive. We got all the lessons with members that we needed. At first our DL (District Leader) wouldn’t believe us, but our numbers sky rocketed from one day to the next.

We have a pair of twins we’re teaching now. They’re friends with menos activos (less actives). It’s great we get to help animate (re-activate?) the two families.

We also had a great Noche de Hogar (Family Night). We had planned for 2 families originally and other people came too. We got a menos activo (less active) to come at the last moment. She told us that it was what she really needed at that moment. It’s awesome to see us be able to help people.

We’ve started really trying to teach in the manner that animates people and is more interactive. We got a recent convert’s siblings to be interested in the lessons. We played a game to explain the atonement. We each had to do an exercise till everyone was done. We used the pain to explain what Christ had felt.

Our DL came to our area this week. He came with us to some lessons. It was great because he was able to give one of our investigators a blessing. When our DL left he commented that he could see that we are working really hard and that we have some super positive investigators.

the most amazing thing this week was Sunday. We came to the Sacrament meeting and it was almost empty. We had 2 investigators there. Then as the meeting went on, more and more people came in. When we got to about 2/3rds of the meeting, the room was almost completely full. We looked and realized that we had 6 investigators in the reunion (meeting). It was amazing. I have never had that many investigators in the reunión sacramental (Sacrament Meeting) and neither has Hernández. We were super excited.

After church we went out to work and had some great lessons. We also realized we only needed 5 more contacted references to reach the estandarte of the mission (Standard of the Mission). We went and asked a member and taught her son and daughter in law. Then, right before dinner, we asked for some more and got the 2 last references we needed. We contacted them, and made another appointment for this week.

We reached the misión standart (mission standard)!  This is amazing. It’s my first time doing it and it feels great. It was definitely the Lord guiding us to do it. I’m excited to see what we’re going to do this next week.

Onto normal notes.

I cracked my big toenail on the left foot, to the middle of the toenail. So, today I bought some soft closed toe shoes to help my toenail heal. I hope it grows quickly so I don’t have to keep putting bandaids on it.

I also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! KAYLA!! Sorry it’s late.

Hope you all have a great week.




And Now For Pictures!


a kid with a dead snake , we met him in the road.

A kid with a dead snake. We met him in the road.

washing a dog as a service for some members, I really had fun doing that

Washing a dog as a service for some members. I really had fun doing that.

Noche de grupo, that was awesome.

Noche de grupo (Family Night). That was awesome.

It's a Little hard to see, but this is a light up bike and speaker that the kids here make at home.

It’s a little hard to see, but this is a light up bike and speaker that the kids here make at home.

I cracked my toenail, so I have a bandage, but I made sure it was a happy one.

I cracked my toenail, so I have a bandage, but I made sure it was a happy one.


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