Natalie In Panama – Week 43 – In Which She Gets A Package

So, I didn’t do much for the 4th of July, but I did dress in red white and blue. Ogles did as well. We felt pretty silly, because we were fussing like we were going to a party, when we really were just going to go work like normal. I didn’t take a photos, sorry guys. I still can’t carry anything on my shoulders so I don’t have my camera on me.

So, this week was a good normal week. We had a couple great lessons.

One was a contact with a return missionary. We had extra time, and one of the world cup games was going, so it seemed impossible to find someone not watching it. I saw a joven outside his house. We contacted him, and he was great. He’s been studying different religions, so I think he’ll be positive.

The other day we went to go visit a contact. She didn’t want to have the lessons, but her sister said yes. Turned out the sister had read the entire pamphlet. She was great. She accepted a fecha, but wasn’t able to go to church because she was sick.

So, yesterday I think was the most eventful day for the week. We got another return missionary. We have 4 right now, and another coming in September. We have 2 youth leaving for missions right now.

They gave one of the RM’s the calling to be the ward mission leader. I’m super excited. He seems really animated.

Sadly, on Sunday none of the investigators we invited came. One told us she didn’t want to continue. Okay, actually she left a really sweet note explaining why she didn’t want to continue. We told her neice that she could keep the Book of Mormon we had given her. She was going to give it back to us. I hope she reads the book. I know if she reads it, it will change her life. I think she just needs more time.

Also a family of my recent converts is having problems. Only the 11 year old girl came to church. She’s really sad. I sat with my arm around her all of Sacrament meeting. What is awesome though, is the ward leaders are rallying together to go visit this family and help them. I love my ward.

Another fun note. I made mama llena with one of our members. It’s kinda like bread pudding. Supper yummy and super easy to make. I’ll make it when I come home.

We’ve been doing that recently, asking members to teach us how to make different foods. It seems to really be helping to develop a good relationship with these members. I think it’s because they get to help us, and we’re showing a real interest in their lives.

Another awesome note –  I got my package!

I was in shock. I expected it next week. I love the clothes and the notes. Everything was great guys. I wore the green dress to church and got a ton of compliments. I was so happy to have my package.

Hope you all have a great week!

Lots of love



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