Natalie In Panama – Week 42 – In Which She Heals From Her Injuries

Okay, first of all I have not thrown myself down anywhere else.

I did spend a lot of time this week in the house. I called the mission doctors on Thursday to let them know how I was doing. They told me to continue doing everything they said before. I was getting headaches though, and they told me to drink more water, and that when I get one I have to rest. I’m going to work on cutting back on the IB profin this week, because it’s making me really sleepy and my stomach is starting to be affected by all the pills. Nothing really serious. My companion’s been great. She’s been using the time I need to rest in the house to organize all her stuff and go through it so she’s ready for changes. We’re pretty certain she’ll have changes.

We had an awesome surprise this week. On Friday, we got a message from the Zetta Ellas (Zone Leaders) that we had interviews with President Carmack. It was awesome. Turned out the interviews were just for the Hermanas, so we could have more time to talk to President.

All of us were sitting the foyer at the stake center eating from the chichemito (delicious, greasy fried food) when President came in. It was really entertaining because he went around greeting all of us, but one Hermana was praying and so couldn’t greet him. She said afterwards that she couldn’t just put God on hold.

The interview was great. It was really more like a conversation. We just talked about stuff in the mission, how’s my family, and a little bit about his. He did answer some of my questions about the paunchiche’s (rumors) that are going around.

I may not train in the mission, because there aren’t a ton of new Hermanas coming. Some are coming in August and some in October, but who knows if I’ll actually train. He also confirmed that yes, he wants us to be in areas for at least 6 months. He like, Michaels mission President, wants us to have the confidence of our members, and we have better relationships if we’re in areas for longer. We’ll see how long I am here.

It was really funny anything I asked about changes, he responded with, “Well, I don’t really make the decisions.” Everything comes down to revelation.

I probably would have asked for more advice, but the day before I had a slight emotional breakdown. I’ll blame it on the pain from my shoulder. My companion was great and listened to me, and I ended up figuring out what I needed to do myself. Just to be short, I was just frustrated with not being able to work like normal because of my shoulder, and the fact that this is not the first time I’ve had something that interfered with this. President did point out that I am learning things that it has taken him 40 years to learn. So, I guess it’s worth the frustration to learn faster.

We did have an awesome lesson I wanted to mention. We had an investigator go to church last week. We were supposed to meet with him earlier in the week, but couldn’t. The day we finally got a hold of him, we set up an appointment and then called the patriarch who lives near our investigator. The patriarch went with us and it was wonderful. The first question from our investigator was how did the Patriarch feel being a member of the church. The patriarch had a great testimony. He mentioned the Book of Mormon a lot, and now our investigator is really curious and wants to read it. Yay!

The only other thing from this week was I had divisions, with another set of Hermanas, but it was pretty normal. I did place 3 fechas (Baptism Dates) that day. Woot!

Here’s a question I just wanted to ask out of curiosity, to anyone who’s served a mission, probably only Dad and Joseph will reply, but this can go on the blog too.

How many baptisms did you get? What do you think helped in getting those baptisms? Is there anything you wish you had done better on your mission?

I figure it’s never too late to change the pattern of my mission for the better.

I love you guys a ton and hope you have a great 4th of July!

Hermana Natalie Palmer


And Now For Pictures!


This is Elder Houghton. Mom knows his relative.

This is Elder Houghton. Mom knows his relative.

This is what you do if you have too much time, stuck icing your shoulder. Make koona tourist bracelets. This one was for my companion.

This is what you do if you have too much time, stuck icing your shoulder. Make koona tourist bracelets. This one was for my companion.

I just wanted to show that I am so hard core I put in nails with a frying pan.

I just wanted to show that I am so hard core I put in nails with a frying pan.


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