Natalie In Panama – Week 41 – In Which She Gets Money And Two Injuries

Okay, first good news is that I now have the money I was supposed to have about two weeks ago. The leader in the office told me that I have the record for the longest amount of time for money to be sent back to my account. I’m just glad that it’s there.

So, on Tuesday this week we had zone conference. It was awesome. The talks were great and I really loved them all. They focused on the atonement, which is our focus this month. It’s a wonderful focus. I love it because it encourages us to be obedient, but not in a manner that’s scolding us. It’s a manner to let us teach ourselves.

We also played tug a war as zones and we almost won. We lost to Colon. Everyone was sore afterwards, but it was so much fun. I loved getting to see people I haven’t seen for a while. Especially Cambronero. She’s finishing her mission at the end of this change.

Wednesday, we had district meeting. That was fine. My problem on Wednesday is that I fell when we left lunch. I tripped on the gutter, and fell into the road, which is entirely rocks. My leg is pretty nasty. I’m putting an anti-infection cream on it. It’s healing, but slowly. That first day it really hurt.

What was great though is one of our recent converts went out with us. Her testimony is great. I love strengthening my members by bringing them with me to teach. It’s wonderful to see the difference.

Then, Thursday, I woke up with a terrible pain in my right shoulder. It was to the point I couldn’t concentrate during personal study and I nearly cried. We stayed home, and the elders came by at 3 and gave me a blessing. We did go work that night, but I didn’t carry anything.

Saturday, we did a service project at the church. And, as my companion said later, I didn’t use my brain. I helped clean the church even though my shoulder still hurt. It ended up that one of the Relief Society councilors gave me a massage to help my shoulder. I love my members. They are so sweet.

Oh, and one of our investigators promised he would come to church and he did! It was wonderful. He only came the first hour, but he knows some of the members. We’re going to take them with us this week to teach him.

Also, another investigator, who everyone calls eternal, because he’s been investigating for over 6 months, is finally getting ready to pick a date to be baptized. I’m so happy for him. We just relaxed with him and have been trying to treat him with love and not pressure him. Seems like he’s finally ready.

Biggest problem this week was my shoulder. I called the mission nurses, a couple, on Sunday. I can’t carry anything for 1-2 weeks and I have to ice my shoulder every 20 minutes every 2-3 hours. I also have to take 800 grams of IB profin every 12 hours for 4-5 days. But my shoulders should get better. I’m going to buy a backpack to help with the weight on my shoulders, when I can carry stuff again.

Don’t worry though, Ogles is taking good care of me.

So, all in all this week we weren’t able to do as much work as I would like, but one great thing is the Lord looks on the effort, not numbers in these cases and gives us many miracles.

I also read some interesting stuff this week. Ogles had some books that members from her ward had sent her. One is how to be an everyday missionary and the other is called ´The Highly Effective Missionary´. They’re great books. Olges wasn’t interested in them, but I just absorbed them. They have some really interesting ideas in how the members can work more as missionaries and how we can be better, more skillful missionaries.

I want to apply it to what I’m doing, but I have to read and analyze them a little more to apply them. I’m hoping though as I try to use them that I will see changes in my success. I think I was setting my goals for baptisms too low. Now, I’m starting to think ´how many baptisms can I get? I was happy with the 13 I have, but can I have more.

I really encourage you guys to read these books. I’ll write down the titles for next week.

Love you a ton,



And Now For Pictures!


Natalie and other sister missionaries

Natalie, Cambronero, and another cool missionary

Natalie gets a boo boo

Natalie’s leg injury.


And Here’s Another Edition Of Where’s Natalie?

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