Natalie In Panama – Week 39 – In Which She Sings At A Birthday Party

Well, it’s been an interesting week here.

First of all, thank you mom for having put that extra money in my account it really came in handy this week. My bank card from the mission didn’t work and I still haven’t received my money from the mission for this half of the month. It’s been over a week. I talked to the Elder over finances and he’s putting the money in my companions account and going to order me another card. So, that extra money came in handy because that I had to use it to buy my groceries etc.

I don’t want to complain, but this week has been kinda hard. I told my companion that it’s because we’re going to have a baptism this next week. I swear every time I have a baptism the week before sucks.

We have been working really hard this week. We’ve made sure that we’ve been leaving the house on time every day and when our plans all fall, we’ve contacted.

I think Thursday was the hardest day because it was raining, we were soaked and all of our sitas fell (EDITOR’S NOTE: Can anyone tell me what that means? On Google Translate, it means ‘beatings’ in Latvian, but nothing comes up in Spanish). We ended up contacting, but we didn’t find anybody super positive. We did contact one woman who agreed to be baptized, but then hid from us later in the week.

My biggest thing right now is that it feels like no one has a desire to know if there is a true church from God in the world. They just want to listen, feel good and not be committed to anything. It’s hard dealing with it, but I’m doing my best. One thing that really helped was that the President asked us all to study the Atonement this month. Read one scripture or something every day over the atonement. One interesting thing he said was that if we’re not happy it’s because we don’t fully understand the atonement. So, I’m trying to study it more and apply it. We’re also teaching it to all of our members, because we think it’s a really important message.

Anyway onto the good stuff from the week.

So, we had a lot more lessons with members this week. It was great. Having members leave with us is wonderful. One of them is a return missionary and he said something I really liked. It takes about 20-25 times of the same message for people to be open to it. When the person isn’t open, it’s because it’s a few less times than they need. He also talked about that he has a lot of respect for the sister missionaries, and missionaries in general here, because the people have such hard time to commit to anything. Those two comments made me feel better about my week.

We also had a really funny experience. We had a house we contacted earlier in the week that we visited again, and they invited us to the birthday party of the 15 year old granddaughter. It was really awkward there. The grandma kept introducing us to everyone, and then we had to sing for some people. Apparently we sing really well. Then, we had to sing happy birthday in front of everyone in English. It was awkward, but sweet. We did get to have small contacting during it, and talked to the mom who is a menos active (less active). This family I think will progress. Just being missionaries and strangers at a party, is definitely a new experience for me.

Also this week we had a menos activo who really opened up to us. It was really good for her. We counseled her to go to the Bishop. So, she came to church for the first time in months and talked to the Bishop it was great to see that. Also another reactivated menos activo in our area and a recent convert went to see the bishop. I’m just so proud of the people in my area talking to the bishop.

Love you guys a ton,



And Now For Pictures!


Okay. Only one picture this week…

An avocado with sugar for breakfast.


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2 thoughts on “Natalie In Panama – Week 39 – In Which She Sings At A Birthday Party

  1. I am a soon to be elder called to panama, and I’ll be going to the Mexico MTC July 9th. I found this blog researching what Panama would be like.

    A “Sita” is an appointment from what I understand

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