Natalie In Panama – Week 38 – In Which She Helps A Couple Get Their Marriage License

So, I’m still here in Chorrera. My companion and I didn’t have changes at all. So, we’ll be together for another six weeks.

This week I made a list of the things I wanted to write you guys, since I seem to keep forgetting things to put in here.

First things first. I had some weird food these last two weeks. I ate Ubre, which is cow udder. I couldn’t finish it, because it was like I was eating rubber. Luckily that was at lunch, and Yanelis is really chill about us not finishing things if we just can’t. The other thing I ate, and I’ve had this two times now, is Mundungo. That’s the muscle around the cow stomach, not the cow stomach. It was okay. The second time was better because it had a better sauce. Not, my favorite foods, and I will probably never cook it myself, but I totally can eat it.

So, this week we spent a ton of time contacting. We were on our feet a ton, but it was good to do it. Our goal is to get so many investigators that we don’t have time to contact. I think that’s probably the dream of all missionaries.

Anyway, one woman we met was definitely a moment where the Lord was guiding us. We were looking for a menos activo (less active) and ended up asking this woman if she knew the person. She didn’t but we ended up teaching her. Turned out her 40 year old daughter died just 4 months ago. When we came up to her she was thinking about her daughter. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. I think we can really help her, and it will be great to see her change with the Gospel. The Gospel really helps people in these situations, as we can see from Cipriano in my first area.

We also met two sweet little old ladies. In separate areas. One is home all day by herself and was taught by missionaries in the past. Maybe this is the right time for her.

The other was a woman who got divorced from her husband two years ago. He was a drunk and he’s now her neighbor. She’s super Catholic, but we’ll see what happens.

The other important thing this week was going to the Juzgado, the government offices. We were working on getting a couple married. The girl wants to be baptized. We went one time this week, and they rejected the papers because the medical certificate has to be for the same day you go to the Juzgado. Ours was from last week. It was super frustrating. We ended up calling a member whose husband is less active and a doctor. He was super nice and helped us get the certificates for less than normal. It was hard though because the couple has to be there together also for the certificates. I don’t know why Panama decided that to get married you need to have medical exams, but there it is. Anyway we had to go to the Juzgado two times more, but we now have a date for the couple to get married and a baptism date for the girl.

It’s going to be great.

I’m glad that everything at home seems to be going okay.

Love you guys a ton,



And Now For Pictures!


Went and did laundry this morning, and we had to walk back through the rain. We we're soaked.

Went and did laundry this morning, and we had to walk back through the rain. We we’re soaked.

Getting mangos down from a members tree.

Getting mangos down from a member’s tree.

A shot of the mango tree from down below. These trees are HUGE.

A shot of the mango tree from down below. These trees are HUGE.

A member's dog. He's really funny and sleeps sucking the nose of his stuffed bear.

A member’s dog. He’s really funny and sleeps sucking the nose of his stuffed bear.


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