Natalie In Panama – Week 36 – In Which She Issues A Challenge

So, this week was okay. We were super busy, but not with lessons. We were super busy because all of Panama had this thing called family week. Every night there was an activity (more of a talk) in the church for the family. We didn’t go to all of them, but because of it we were in the chapel at least 1-2 times a day. That takes a ton of time out of our working time. The activities were great though for those that came.

We had divisions this week, so I got to go to Biencheri. That was fun. We went by and visited the Ureña family. They were so happy to see me. They were yelling my name as soon as I stepped on the lawn. They’re looking at getting sealed in December. It will be amazing. We only had time to talk to them for an hour, but it was great. They’re all doing great and have gone to the temple.

(In case you don’t remember this is the first family I baptized)

I went to an activity while in divisions, and everyone recognized me. It was kinda fun being a slight celebrity. They all commented on how much weight I’ve lost.

Oh, we went to the temple this week on Tuesday. That was really nice. Okay, it’s nice to go to the temple all the time. I love being in the temple. The spirit there is so peaceful and restful. I feel like the temple is the only place we can truly rest in the mission. Everywhere else we have to be on alert. So, I truly love going to the temple.

On Saturday we got some medical exam done for a young couple we’re helping get married. Luckily there’s a member who is a doctor and helps make these things super fast. Without his help it would take about 2-3 months to get married. With his help it takes about 1 month.

Sunday, our other baptism got confirmed. He didn’t come last week, but did this week and it was great to see him be confirmed.

Yeah, there’s not a ton of news from this week. There will probably be more next week.

Oh, I do have a challenge I would like to put up on the blog. I would like to put up a challenge to read the Book of Mormon by the end of this year.

I’m including coloring charts. I have one in my house here that I’m using. I would love for people to take pictures of them starting, and then to take a picture of when they have finished and to write a small paragraph describing their experience reading it. I think it would be awesome. I’ll do it too.

Happy Birthday to Lucy.

A dog with a bow

This dog, Lucy, is now three.

Love you all a ton, and hope you guys keep doing great.




Book of Mormon Challenge Charts

(For a larger one, check out the new Book of Mormon Challenge Page)


Book of Mormon Challenge #1


And Now For Pictures!


Hermana Ogles and me with one of the recent converts in our area at the temple.

Hermana Ogles and me with one of the recent converts in our area at the temple.

Me with a photo of me from when I was in Biencheri.

Me with a photo of me from when I was in Biencheri.


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If you would like to write to Hermana Palmer, here’s the mission mailing address:

Mision Panama

Carrasquilla Entrega General 0834


Republica def Panama


One thought on “Natalie In Panama – Week 36 – In Which She Issues A Challenge

  1. We enjoy your e-mails and very happy how well you are getting along. Your Mother forwards all your e-mails to us, so we keep up to date on your mission. You have such a good attitude which is so important. We love your very much and we know the Lord is watching over you. Love from Grandmother and Grandfather “B”.

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