Natalie In Panama – Week 35 – In Which She Reaches 9 Months And Calls Home

It was great to be able to talk to all of you. You guys look great! It was nice to meet Aaron and see that Kristina has settled in really well in the house. It was also really cool to be able to talk to Michael with you guys.

Stadium Seating

Natalie talking to everyone.

So, this week was awesome.

I completed 9 months on Tuesday. I’m not sure who had more fun taking those photos me or Ogles. She got to be like a photographer and tell me what emotion to have and where to put my hands. It was entertaining. But making the stomach was hard. I just used whatever I could get my hands on. Which turned out to be my sheet, Ogles’s sheet and some of my clothes.

9 months in the mission!

More 9 month photos

More 9 month photos

All week we were looking forward to talking to our families, and preparing for the baptisms we had this week.

So, on Saturday, we had two baptisms. It was a brother and sister that we’ve been teaching. Their mom has been inactive pretty much since she was baptized, and then a member found her and gave the reference to us. So, we’ve been working with them. They are progressing really well.

As usual with baptisms, everything seems like it’s not going to work out, but it does. Almost everyone was late to the baptism, and one of the Elders had to do one of the talks, but it was good anyways. The two joven (youth) are baptized, and that’s the important part. They’re also really happy to be baptized.

Saturday Baptisms!

Then on Sunday we had some problems. The mom of our new converts called us. Her son didn’t want to come to church. Some drama had gone on at home and he was really mad. So, only the daughter came and received the Holy Ghost. The rest of the family stayed home. So, right after church we went with the Elders to go talk to the family. Obviously we were worried about them. We talked to them and things seem to be better. I think the gospel will really help this family. They need to learn more love one for another, not that they don’t have any, but the gospel will really bless them.

Oh, we also had another investigator who came to church with his fiancé, who is a newish member. He seemed really positive and we have a Family Home Evening with them tonight.

Then I got to talk to all of you guys! It was super awesome! I really took too long, but it was worth it to talk to Michael as well. I figure Christmas will be shorter, because I’ll be home in two months after that.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s day and has a great week!


Love you lots,



Me with a tree that made us think of the Tree of Life.


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