Natalie In Panama – Week 32 – In Which She Uses Girl Scout Skills To Get Water From A Well

Happy Easter to Everyone!

So, I have to tell you about my Easter miracle. But first changes.

So, my new area is not the interior or San Blas like I was thinking. I’m in Chorrera again. It’s really funny there are 5 of us that were here before and are here again. I also have Pula and Wandell in my zone and various people I know from the Panama zone here. My companion is another gringa (white girl). Her name is Hermana Ogles and she’s from Ohio. She’s only a little shorter than me, and is super sweet. She sings really well and is very cheerful. We’re the only people in our house, and the only Hermanas in our district and I have Elders in my ward. It’s a first for me, and I actually have all my lunches and dinners covered. My problem is I don’t eat a lot anymore and so I have to convince everyone to feed me less, but it’s a great area. I’m looking forward to this change.

Now, onto the really exciting stuff that happened. On Wednesday there was water for an hour in the night, but we were too tired to fill up our tanks, then on Thursday the water completely left. We only had one bucket of water and a ton of water bottles filled up. No one in Chorrera had water or knew when it was coming back. People kept saying different times. Let’s just say, the water decided to stay away. We didn’t have water on Friday either, but luckily the Hermana that gives us lunch knew of a well in our neighborhood. The Hermana gave us another tank; we had 3 already, and gave one to the Elders in our ward. We called the Elders, because they had less water than us and hadn’t been able to bathe. So, we all went to the well and I got to pull water out of a well using a rope and bucket. Doing my arm exercises really paid off. So, we got to use well water to bathe with for the rest of the week, because you couldn’t use it to drink. Members and our landlords gave us water to drink. The other missionaries pretty much had the same situation.

Anyway, so everyone was telling us the water was not coming back until Monday, but it came back on Sunday morning! It really was a miracle!

So, that’s the exciting news for the week. Oh, and I have 3 new fechas (baptisms)! Woot!

Hope you guys are doing great.

Love you all,



And Now For Pictures!


Ogles and me pulling water out of the well. Go, Girl Scout skills.

Ogles and me pulling water out of the well.

Ogles and me pulling water out of the well. Go, girl scout skills.

Go Girl Scout skills!

Photo of my district

Photo of my district

Me with the Evans family

The Evans family and me

Hermana Ogles and me.

Hermana Ogles and me.

Hermana Vroom, me, and Hermana Flor

Hermana Vroom, me, and Hermana Flor


Here’s Round 4 of Where’s Natalie:


E-mail Hermana Natalie Palmer directly at

Even a short, encouraging e-mail would be great!

If you would like to write to Hermana Palmer, here’s the mission mailing address:

Mision Panama

Carrasquilla Entrega General 0834


Republica def Panama


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