Natalie In Panama – Week 29 – In Which Three Youth Are Baptized

Sorry, there’s not going to be photos, the computer’s USB doesn’t work.

Anyway, sounds like all of you are doing great. Glad to hear the Kristina is moved in and that all of that is going well. Michael sounds like he’s doing great and all of the rest of you sound like your busy as normal doing awesome stuff.

As for my week, let’s just skip to the highlight. We had 3 baptisms! This was Vroom’s first time having more than 1 baptism in a change so it was even more exciting for her.

Friday, we had the interviews. We went to the house and were sitting talking to all of them and then the mother told us the youngest Yodilane (jodilane) didn’t want to be baptized but wanted to wait until she was 18. Vroom and I just kind of froze in shock. Luckily our District Leader, Velez was great. He just took a look at our faces and then said to the mom, “Well, let me talk to her anyways.¨ so he talked to her and it turned out she was afraid she wouldn’t pass the interview and be baptized. It was really cute when we understood. They all passed the interview of course, since it’s really just for our leader to check that they understand what they are doing, and that the missionaries have taught them well.

Saturday, in the morning, we had a slight panic to see if we had the white clothes we needed, but everything worked out. We went to go pick them up and take them to the church, and they were all ready and waiting. It was super cute. Their baptism was great. Their brother baptized them, gave one of the talks and the other youth who had baptized the brother gave a talk too. It was great.

I’m looking forward to conference. I didn’t get a chance to see the women session.



Bonus: E-mail exchange between Myself (Laura) and Natalie:

ME: Thanks!  You’re a nice lady.

NATALIE: Of course I am. How else could I be a missionary?

No pictures this week, so instead, here’s a picture of dogs:

3 dogs all packaged for a nap


E-mail Hermana Natalie Palmer directly at

Even a short, encouraging e-mail would be great!

If you would like to write to Hermana Palmer, here’s the mission mailing address:

Mision Panama

Carrasquilla Entrega General 0834


Republica def Panama


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