Natalie In Panama – Week 28 – In Which Baptisms Are Delayed

Okay so this week was a little bit crazy, but good for the most part.

So, we had a meeting for the zone on Friday and then after the meeting we went out to do another contacting event. The only problem is that they were running late on everything so we had to leave early to get back to our area and an appointment that we had.

Then on Saturday, we had a service project for the zone as well. It was a lot of fun, but it did take up a lot of our time, so we basically lost two days to work in this week.

My other big problem is that I burned myself with boiling oil last Monday. I was cooking and it spilled, so I have a fairly large burn on my thigh, and have been working with fairly consistent pain all week, but it’s getting better and I have a burn cream to put on it, so it’ll be fine.

Anyway, so we worked on the days we could, and we got some good contacting in. Sadly none of the people have accepted to be baptized, but I’m hoping we’ll fine the people who will.

So, this week we were supposed to have 4 baptisms, but stuff happened and now were just having 3 baptisms this Saturday.

What happened is one of the girls is a cousin to the others getting baptized and her mother is in San Blas. Her mother did not give her daughter permission, because the girl is baptized in another church. The other three girls had a meeting they had to go to because it was something to do with the Koona leaders and school. No, I did not understand it all. Anyway we were going to try and do the baptism later in the day, but that wouldn’t really work out, so after thinking about it, we changed it to next Saturday, which turns out to be better for the girls too. They were determined to miss their volleyball practice to come be baptized. That just made Vroom and me love the girls more.

So, I’m pumped for this week. We’re really going to work on getting more baptism dates and then we’ll have the baptisms and get to watch the session of general conference for women the same day. I’m sure it’s going to be a great week.

Love you guys lots!



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