Natalie In Panama – Week 27 – In Which She Earns A Plate Of Cookies

Okay, clearly, I’m just a little excited that I beat Vroom at the contacting game this week. I only beat her by one point, but I still won.

The fruits of Natalie’s hard work: Cookies

Anyway, moving on with my life.

So, this week has been another good week. We had a couple days of a little funk, but that was probably due to the fact that we were both sick and our district meeting is extremely early and so throws off our sleeping pattern. We have to get up at 4.30 to be ready and leave the house at 5:30 on Tuesday, and then we get to the Albrook the bus terminal and have to wait for half an hour to an hour to get the bus to the area where the meeting is. Let me just say we were all dead on Tuesday and Wednesday. I ended up breaking my rule and buying a coke a cola because I had no energy and needed to work.

But Thursday we got back in our groove some more. We went out to an area called Chumical that’s part of our area but we have to take a taxi because it’s peligroso (dangerous) to get out there. Anyway we got out there, visited the members that live out there and got a bunch of references from them. We visited some of those references and then found a woman by contacting that we really feel is prepared. She told us about a dream she had that led her to start reading the bible and investigating about God really. When we were teaching her we could both feel the spirit really strongly and we’re excited to go back out this week and teach her.

Then Thursday night we had to go home a little early because I got sudden and really fierce fever. Went home rested for about an hour and it stopped, but I definitely have a cold now.

Friday night, my voice really started to leave and I could barely talk to anyone. But, it did sound funny. Vroom and I decided that I was just working on my sexy voice.

Saturday was a great day. We went out in the morning and started the day by looking for some in-actives that we had the addresses of. It is a fabulous way to contact. We had an excuse to talk to people, and so got a ton of contacts and some really good new investigators.

We had one couple that we stopped by their house because they had a sign saying they sold something and we didn’t know what it was. Vroom was looking for some sort of ice cream. So, we started talking to them, they let us in and we gave them a small lesson. Then they were so sweet and gave us this delicious thing called raspidurá. It’s like ice cream, but it’s not. The woman said it’s basically a juice you make and then freeze and then you run it through the blender to make it smooth. We had melon flavor and it was delicious. We’re super excited to teach this couple, the husband had already started reading the pamphlet we gave them by the time we left.

We also ran into a woman who looked like she was going to cry. We both feel we were meant to run into her and just give her some comfort. She had been robbed a while back, but she doesn’t live in the house that got robbed. She lives in Panama with her son. So, she had come back to clean the house and was really depressed. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but at least we brightened up her day.

We also had some really good lessons with investigators that day.

Sunday we had stake conference. That’s why Hermana Carmack took photos of me and Vroom and Bennet (the Hermana in the picture with vroom) We had 4 investigators with us. Those are the girls next to us in the photos. They’re the sisters and cousin of one of our members. They’re getting baptized this next Sunday. It’s going to be awesome. These girls are ready. It’s always fun having people who are ready to learn the gospel and go to church. We’re hoping their mother will be the next one to get baptized after them.

Oh, I forgot, just a side note. I’ve had a bad voice since Saturday, but it’s turned out in helping me. I’m actually speaking Spanish slowly like I should

Anyway that’s this week. Sounds like your guys week was great too. Good Luck to Michael, it’s going to be an awesome mission.

Thanks for the package it was awesome.

Love you guys lots



And this week comes with pictures!


7 months in the mission. Wooh!

The view from one of the hills we climb in our area.

Vroom and I helping make a mola for Vroom. I ended up doing the cutting of the fabric, which is really just ripping it, but it actually works really well.

Me and Maldonado doing fish faces last night.

Taking silly photos

Taking more silly photos.


Here’s a picture of Natalie from the Mission’s Blog


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