Natalie In Panama – Week 26 – In Which She Gains A New Companion

So, this week was changes, as I said in my last email. I didn’t have changes, but Gamez did. She got sent to Colon.

My new companion is Hermana Vroom, she’s from San Bernadino CA. She just came here straight from 3 changes on Sanblas. She is awesome. She makes me think of Laura a bit.

We’ve only been together for this half week, but we’ve been working really hard. Our goal for this month is to have 5 baptisms and then 2 more before the change in April.  We’ve been out every day and visiting everybody. We have 5 new fechas (baptism dates) that we got on Friday and 4 of them actually went to church on Sunday. It’s awesome!

Oh, both of us are not super great at making sure that we contact, so we’ve come up with a game to make it more fun. I came up with the game based on one that Elder Amado told us he did in his mission. What we’re doing is that whoever starts a contact gets a point, if we can get a lesson in their house that person gets two points. Then at the end of the week whoever has the most points gets cookies from the other one. So, this week I owe Vroom cookies, but my goal is to win this next week. Then, for the change, whoever has the most points gets dinner from the other person. It’s a really fun challenge, because it’s silly but it helps motivate us to contact.

Being with Vroom is a lot of fun. Everybody told me that as soon as they saw we were together, and they were all right. It really helps that she wants to be obedient too, so with that I think we’re going to have a ton of success this change. I learned a lot from my last two companions but I think this change will be more fun.

My district leader also changed. I now have Velez who is in the office as my district leader. He’s great.

We also have a new zone leader, who seems eager to help the zone improve.

It was really funny this week we were visiting a member and our zone leaders called us. Turned out they thought I had a baptism that day and hadn’t done the interview. I had to explain to them that, no I did not have a baptism. Those fechas had to be changed. It was funny, but sweet of them to know enough about what I’m doing to worry about helping me.

So, yeah, things are going great here in Veracruz, and it going to be a great change.

Congratulations to Michael on his farewell party and speech.

Sorry, I’m not sending pictures this week I forgot my cord in the house, but I’ll send them next week.

Oh, and my package is here. I’m going to pick it up today. It’s great having the general secretary as my District leader. It is a lot easier to find out if my mail is here.

Love you guys a TON!



Update: Here’s Round 3 of Where’s Natalie:


E-mail Hermana Natalie Palmer directly at

Even a short, encouraging e-mail would be great!

If you would like to write to Hermana Palmer, here’s the mission mailing address:

Mision Panama

Carrasquilla Entrega General 0834


Republica def Panama


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