Natalie In Panama – Week 25 – In Which She Gains Confidence

So, this week has been awesome for some spiritual uplift.

First things first, I’m pretty sure I wrote you guys last week about my confidence issues, and that I had done some scripture study to help with that. Wooh! Scriptures solve everything, or almost everything if applied right. Anyway here are the scriptures I found and have written on my wall by my bed, to give me a pick up every day: Psalms118:8, Hebrews 10:35 (this one’s my favorite), Proverbs 3:26. Now you guys can look them up. They’re awesome!

Anyway, Elder Amado of the Seventy came out to talk to the missionaries in Panama. They did it in groups. We went on Thursday to the Panama Stake Center at the Temple and were there all day listening to him.

He was amazing. He definitely taught with the spirit. Every missionary that I talked to received different insight that they really needed.

For me what really stuck was that he talked about us needing to have confidence in the Lord. Everything he talked about in the morning made me truly feel that I am right in thinking I need more confidence, and that my confidence first needs to be in the Lord. I need to have Confidence in Christ that he is always there to help me, and that what he did for us was unique and special. When I have confidence in these things I have confidence in what I am telling people, and then I have confidence in myself because I know what I am teaching is important.

President Carmack also gave a talk and it was great. I loved what he said. He talked about that we need to be out testifying of the Love of the Savior for everyone. He also talked about that we need to remember the love of the lord for ourselves. When he said all of this I realized that this is why I am here. I am completely certain in my knowledge of how much the Lord loves me. I had gotten to the point that I felt that this was a silly thing to have as a strong point in my testimony, but President Carmack said that the people of Panama need to know of that love. I realized that’s why I am here. The people here need to know of the Lord’s love for them at this time. It is so nice to be certain as to why I am here.

Elder Amado taught us a bunch of other stuff that I am going to work on doing, but it’s not spiritual stuff so much as practical stuff that I think would be important to do.

Then later this week we went out and taught Hermana Flor, one of the members who’s actually active. Anyway, she was talking about the stories of the Koona and how they are in the Book of Mormon. She told us a really amazing story.

She said that in ancient times the Koona were a wild people. They didn’t have clothes, they didn’t know how to do anything, and had basically no relationships. They were like wild animals. Then one day a young man came down from the heavens. He and others who followed him, taught them how to sew, how to bury their dead and all sorts of other things. When they could do these things well, he left and went back up into heaven in the pillar of light he had come down in.

She said that the other natives of Panama, because there’s different tribes, all of them have this same story. This is the story of Christ coming down to visit the people here in the Americas. This is proof that the Book of Mormon is true. It was amazing to hear this story, I could feel the spirit really strongly when she told me this.

What’s even more amazing is that, as I told her, now we’re living the prophecies that Nephi gave about how his people would be scattered by the gentiles, and then the gentiles would bring them the knowledge of the gospel. Knowledge of their forefathers. I get to be one of those who is bringing the gospel to them. It’s so cool!

As for normal stuff this week, there’s not a ton. My Companion has an ear infection so we were in the house a lot, but hey that’s time to study and practice piano, so it’s okay.

One day I ended up using an old Singer sewing machine that’s hand operated at Hermana Flor’s. I was helping sew the banner for the young women’s camp this week.

This is what it basically looks like. I forgot my camera that day, but this what I used.

Oh, and changes are this week, but Hermana Gamez has changes and I’m staying in Veracruz. I’m okay with that. I feel really calm about it, and I know this is what the Lord wants, because I am just finally getting to really love Veracruz. I’d like to leave it when I truly love it.

Happy 86 Birthday Grandpa! I hope you had a great day!

Love all of you! Sounds like your all doing great.

Love you lots,



And now…. For pictures From Natalie!


Here’s my plan of salvation that I made to make the lesson easier and more interesting.

Here’s a HUGE bee that we found in our yard. It was about the size of my thumb. This picture is just because I thought Michael would think it´s cool.

Me with almost all of the jovens (youth). I could go through and name them all, but it would take too long. Anyway we took this because I thought I was leaving, but now I’m not, so that works out.

Maldonado and Gamez getting the fruit down in our front yard for some members.

Me with Idily, who is one of the youth in the branch. I baptized her mom last change. We were giving the fruit to her. The fruit is called Marañon. It’s what cashews are from. I haven’t eaten it. It smelled bad.

Gamez with Idily


And, As A Bonus, A Game Of “Where’s Natalie?” (Round 2)

(Pictures from Sister Carmack’s blog for the whole mission)



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