Natalie In Panama – Week 24 – In Which She Meets A Lot Of People

H guys!

I’m glad you guys were able to see the photos that Hermana Carmack and the Pres. took.

So as for this week:

Tuesday we started really focusing on teaching Isabela, an 8 year old whose siblings are members but not her parents. We had to work on making sure that the lessons were really simple so that she could understand them. Man, was that hard for me, but we managed.

Isabela and her family at the baptism.

Wednesday, we had divisions with the zetta ellas (NATALIE’S NOTE: hermana leaders in the zone). That was really good for me. Some stuff had happened and my companion and I could use a little time separated from each other. Nothing bad. We just needed kind of a breather. It was great for me, because Hermana Hernandez is super loving. It was great talking to her, and working with her.

I did have a slight accident. Her area is more in the city (oh, yeah, divisions are overnight and I went to the zetta ellas area), so we used the metrobus a lot. Well at one point I was trying to get off and it was jam packed and so I tripped getting out. I was about to regain my balance but then tripped over the curb, then I almost regained my balance and tripped over the Hermana’s feet. I fell and now have a small wound on my hand, and had bruised knees the next day. Nothing too bad, but it was really funny when it happened. We ended up joking about it all day.

We did a noche de grupo, that’s where the members in a certain area gather in one member’s house to have a family home evening. We had to walk for about an hour to get to the house, and then we had to walk back to get two recent converts. I ended up talking to one of them. They were a mother and daughter, and had a great time. I remembered how much I love getting to know people, and how much I like to build people up. I love to help people realize how they are smart and how they are really good at things. I had forgotten that.

The noche de grupo went on really long because the member whose house it was talked for a long time and then his mother. It was okay because they had really good stuff to say. They had to give us a ride to the house though because it was so late.

Then at the house we ate the dinner the family had packed for us. Then I ended up talking to Hermana Johnson, because she’s in the same house as the zetta ellas. I didn’t go to bed until 11:30. But it was great, I really needed the divisions. I was able to remember how I like to teach and how I like to do things. It was really good for me. I also looked up scriptures on Confidence and found some that really helped me in Psalms 118. The scriptures talked about not losing our confidence and that our confidence is in the Lord, not ourselves. I’ll have to send the scriptures next week.

Anyway on Friday we went to the activity for the zone. We were contacting in a specific commercial center. They had all the pamphlets ready for us. It was great practice on how to contact. I’m not really great at contacting. I always have feelings of fear doing it, so having a day of just this really helped. I’ve still got to work on doing it in my area, but at least I know that I can do it. It was an exhausting day, and I really didn’t eat lunch, but the office fed us pizza afterwards at about dinner time. The elders told me we received 233 references, I don’t know for which areas, but we have them.

Saturday, Gamez and Vargas didn’t feel well, so Maldonado and I went out to work together. We went out and finished teaching Isabela. Then we met up with our DL and he gave her the interview. It went great. We went and visited some other people, and it was a lot of fun. It was really easy to work with Maldonado.

Sunday, we had the baptism after church, because that way Isabela’s mom could come to it. She has work all the other days of the week. Her mom actually came to church as well, it was great. Isabela’s brother baptized her and it was his first baptism. Her cousin gave a talk and started crying so had to stop early, but that was great, you could feel the spirit. Then after she was baptized Isabela and her cousins sang I am a child of god. It was awesome.

I hope you guys have a great next week.

I’m looking forward to this week and the visit from Elder Amado, it sounds like it’s going to be spiritually awesome.

Love you lots,



And now…. For pictures of Natalie!


From the reunion of sisters on Valentine’s Day

From the Contacting Activity

Hungry missionaries waiting for food after the contacting activity


And, As A Bonus, A Game Of “Where’s Natalie?”

(Pictures from Sister Carmack’s blog for the whole mission)


Bonus points if you can find Natalie in all of the pictures. Winners will receive a virtual high-five.


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