Natalie In Panama – Week 23 – In Which She Gets Better

Hey, Guys!

So, I went to the clinic that the nurse recommended and it turned out I had some sort of stomach bacteria or virus. It was in Spanish, it’s a bit hard to translate. But basically it turns out that I either had some food that was improperly prepared, or someone who had the same thing prepared the food for me. I have no idea which one it was, but that’s okay. Anyway the doctor prescribed two types of pills, one for my intestines to work properly and I had to take that every 12 hours for about 5 days. So, I made sure I took all of my stuff, and I got better really quickly. I had to make sure I ate smaller amounts more often, but that’s okay if it means the food will stay in my stomach. Anyway, I am now back to being completely normal! Sorry, if I worried you guys, I was kind of preoccupied too.

Anyway, for this week I’ll give you guys some highlights.

Wednesday, we had reunion for the district. That went well. Then we came back and went and visited some menos activos (less actives). We ended up getting out late to work, but we found a contact who is pretty positive. Her nieces are members, and she’s really willing to listen to us, so that’s good.

Thursday, we had a companionship study that really turned into companionship inventory, but that was really good. My companion and I were able to talk honestly together and really see what we could do better to strengthen our companionship. I really appreciate that my companion was direct and honest with me. I really needed it. From it I realized that I was using my lack of knowledge of Spanish as an excuse to not really take charge of my part of the lessons, and using it as an excuse to not listen properly in the lessons. I also realized that I had become more negative in my thinking. If I’m negative in my thinking, I’ll be that way in my actions and how I respond to people. I am determined to try and be more positive.

When we went out to lessons, I really worked on trying to pay attention and focus on the people. It will take some practice, but I know I can get there.

We ended up visiting Hermana Iris who is menos active (less active). She has a really bad wound in her foot where she stepped on a nail. She keeps having stuff like this happen. So, we recommended she has a blessing placed on her house. I hope it helps.

Friday, we had a reunion with the Hermanas. They had it all Valentine themed for us. It was really cute. They gave us all little hearts with our names on them. The reunion (meeting) was on being obedient and making sure that we are getting along and getting to know our companions. Not a problem after Thursday for us.

Saturday we gave the talks at the baptism for the other Hermanas. Johnny one of the youth came and got his interview, so he can baptize his little sister this next week. It’s going to be great!

Afterwards, our ward mission leader came out with us and helped us find where lived some of the menos activos (less actives) that the President of the Branch has asked us to find where they are. It was exhausting, but really good.

We went and cleaned the chapel in the afternoon and then afterwards we went to visit the contact we found on Wednesday and met the Mother-in-Law. Her name is Rita and she came out and sat down with us and said she was looking for God. We gave her the pamphlet on the Restoration and have a baptism date with her. It’s awesome.

Sunday, I ended up teaching the Doctrine Principles class at the last moment, so luckily the other Hermanas helped. I also made sure to have more people than just me read and asked for questions and for experiences from others. That’s where teaching Relief Society for a year really helped.

Oh, and then today we had a slight problem in the four of us, but my comp and I talked, so everything between the two of us is cleared up. Like I said, I really like that my companion is direct and honest with me. It really helps me.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines!

I love the missionary wall. Michael sent a picture. It looks awesome.

Thanks for the package too! I’ll let you know as soon as I get it.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love you lots



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