Natalie In Panama – Week 21 – In Which She Sends Pictures

Hey guys!

I’m glad to hear that you guys got the rain that you needed, that’s awesome. It sounds like all of you are doing great.

Anyway, on to this week!


We all went to the beach, took photos and I got really sun-burnt. It was a lot of fun. Then we had a noche de hogar (family home evening) with Hermana Flor in our area. It was really good. We used a talk from the January Ensign on moving forward with faith. It ended up talking about tithing, which is something that the Hermana has problems paying. I didn’t know that, but she told us, and she’s made a goal of paying her tithing, because she knows she will receive blessings. It’s awesome to see people realize that if they obey the commandments they will receive blessings and the Lord will take care of them.


We ended up staying home, because Gamez wasn’t feeling well. She got a fever from the sun. I ended up doing a lot of reading, and studying, and took a nap. If you have the opportunity, why not take it? I studied lesson 1, the Restoration, and I feel a little more steady on that now that I have scriptures marked for the lesson.


We visited members and less actives and contacted, oh my!

We had a really good lesson with the Stocer family, who are less actives. Only one of the sons (Anthony) is going to church. We met his sister, a cousin, and a friend. I think if we work hard we might be able to get his sister to start going to church again.

We had some contacts that seemed positive. We’ll have to wait and see when we teach them again, but right now they seem more likely to listen.


We stayed home again. This time it was my fault. I had a headache for 3 days in a row, and it turned into a migraine. I figured out after talking to the other Hermanas that it was because I wasn’t drinking enough water. So I have a new goal to make sure I drink 8 cups of water, at least, per day.

Dinner was with family Evans and they were great as usual. May told us how she had become reactive in the church when her mom became sick (Damalia). May said that when the sister missionaries visited for the first time she felt loved, and then made it a goal to go to church. Then when I showed up and her mom agreed to be baptized she started coming to church again. I loved hearing her testimony.


We had to go to Immigrations for Gamez, and then we did grocery shopping afterwards so that was almost all of our day except for dinner and the message there. But at dinner Hermana Patinya actually sat and talked to us. That’s a first, so it was great.


I had what I call a blue day. I woke up and just felt that I didn’t know anything and didn’t know how to teach or anything. I just couldn’t shake it. So in companionship study I started crying, and Gamez was great. She was shocked I even felt like that and the first thing she did was tell me it was not true, and then gave me some suggestions to help me feel like I know the lessons more.

I know that for me Satan is definitely trying to use my emotions to stop me in my work. In this area I have had a lot of times that I get somewhat homesick, but I know the best cure is to just get busy working, and the feelings will leave.

We contacted during the day, and I actually took the lead on some of those so It was interesting, but good.


In church we finally had a Gospel Principals class. It was nice to be able to help our investigators. One investigator is a friend of a member and she came with him. We have an appointment to teach her later this week. I am so excited! Investigators who come to church on their own are the best, because they have the desire to know more of the church. I have a lot of hope for her.

So, that’s my week. It’s going slow, but great out here, and I know things will pick up quickly.

Love you all a lot, and hope you all are doing great!

Love Natalie


And, thanks to Hermana Latu giving Natalie a spare camera, here’s pictures for this week!

Natalie’s desk

This is what I do when I don`t have a camera, and when I do have a camera. Doesn`t matter, I will still draw and get sunburnt.

Me on a rock that I had to climb on other rocks to get to. You can tell I’m a Cali girl because I took my shoes off to have more grip on the rocks and am used to climbing rocks at the beach.

Vera Cruz at the beach

Maldonado with her umbrella. I thought it was really funny. The Hermana next to her is Vargas, Maldonado’s comp.

Maldonado climbing the rocks

Natalie with Hermana Gamez.

The four of us and our plaques at the beach.


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Republica def Panama


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