Natalie In Panama – Week 20 – In Which She Gains A New Companion

Okay, so I am still in Veracruz. Alvarado had changes and Latu, so Vargas is still here with me.


My new companion is named Gamez. She’s from Texas, but her parents are Latino so she speaks Spanish. It was really funny getting her, because she was the companion of Hermana Johnson, who is also in the panama zone. So Gamez is still in the same zone. It’s the joke of the zone.

Changes was fun as usual. The video is always cool and nerve-wracking, because you don’t know who you’re going to have as a companion or where you are going.

Gamez is a hard worker. The first day we rearranged our room and we all cleaned the house. It is so nice to have the house clean. Then, all this week we’ve been working on visiting members, so she knows who is in our area. We’ve also contacted a ton. We´re doing personal and companionship study, and I don’t have to instigate it. I love that.

Gamez seems to have taken on the goal of training me to be a senior companion. The first couple days I was kind of annoyed by that, but I’ve come to be grateful, because I could use the training. I feel that I can learn a lot from her. I’m looking forward to this change.

Vargas’ companion is Hermana Maldonado. She’s from Guatemala and is 30, but looks like she’s 23 maybe. She’s great. I love this combination of sisters in our house. It’s fun and all get included.

Damalia got confirmed this week! They came late, but they came and so she was confirmed in the last part of Sacrament. I’m so happy for her. It’s a great blessing for her  and her family.

Yesterday we had a leadership meeting that was a broadcast from the area authorities. It was really good. During it I came to the conclusion that I am excited to learn from Gamez. Before I was kind of worried, but during the meeting I just had this wave of happiness to learn to be more obedient and hardworking. The meeting was really good for the leaders. Veracruz is going to slowly get on track and it is going to be stronger and larger. I have faith that by the end of the year it will have an attendance more than a 100. Right now the attendance is between 60-70 people. I’m excited to do the work.

Well that´s it for this week!

I love you guys and hope you are all doing well.

P.S. sorry it’s so late, but Happy Birthday Julia!

P.P.S Latu gave me her old camera, so I think I might be able to send some pictures next week.

Love you lots!



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