Natalie In Panama – Week 18 – In Which Natalie Gets To Wash A Dog

Hi guys!

So, the big news for this week is that I had my first interview with President Carmack. He was doing interviews with everyone. He was shocked when I told him this was my first one. He just somehow missed a number of the Americans.

Anyway, it was great. I was really frustrated that day with everything, and felt that if I wasn’t careful I was going to explode. I was praying on the bus that I could somehow keep from doing that. Having my interview was definitely an answer to that. I ended up telling the President everything that has happened with you guys at home and all of my frustrations in my area. He was really nice and made some comments that made me really think.

He commented that some missionaries who have been out for a day are better than those who have been out for a year. He also pointed out that sometimes we are in an area to help our companion more than anyone else. He also said that it probably won’t be too much longer until I train. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I still feel I could use a lot more Spanish before that.

Anyway it really helped me. Our Mission President is awesome.

Panama City Mission President and his wife.
These people are apparently awesome.

Oh, that same day we had some drama in our zone. Our zetta ellas (sister leaders) announced that we were going to have a meeting the next day, with no forewarning. My companion immediately told them that we couldn’t go because that we had a service. The zetta ellas wanted us to cancel it, but we said no because this was an activity to help a menos activo (less active) and members from the ward were going to help. Our branch is not strong, so when we have an activity we need to be there to help or almost nothing will get done. So, the zetta ellas changed the meeting for Friday, but then Vargas and Latu couldn’t go because they’re trying to help some investigators get married and it’s long and complicated here. Luckily it resolved itself, but it was not fun.

On a happier note. We have a really good investigator that’s a reference from Hermana Anissa. We’re just starting to teach her, but she’s really interested. The other investigator that is really good is the mother of some members. Her name’s Damalia. Her oldest daughter has been less active, but is coming now, because her mom wants to be baptized. Damalia has a lot of health issues, but we’re going to do a fast with the family for her this next week. She has a great desire to go to church and be baptized. It is only her health holding her back.

We also have another less active that is starting to get to the point she will come back soon. We’ve started teaching her, and in the past apparently she wouldn’t talk to the missionaries, but she’s been letting us in and talking to us. She told her son on Sunday she would come to church, she didn’t, but she had the intent. That is a lot more than she had before. I really feel with a little more support she will start coming to church again.

I’m learning more about how to tell a less active is ready to come back than anything else here. I hope I can apply this in my other areas.

Oh, our service was going to Hermana Iris’s house again and finished macheteing her land. I got to use a machete, and cut down a small tree with it. Some of the Elders actually cut down a huge tree with machetes. It was like watching people cut down a tree with a couple of swords. It was fun and felt pretty ridiculous too.

Oh, a note for you guys. Next week I won’t be writing till Tuesday. Alvarado and I are going to the temple next week, so Monday will be a normal work day for me and Tuesday my P-day.

Oh, another random note, but one of my services this week was washing dogs. So, I got covered in dog hair for the first time in 5 months. It was awesome.

This dog would like to be pet by Natalie.

P.S. Congratulations to Isabel! She´s going to be a great missionary!

I hope you guys are all doing great!

Love you a ton!



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