Natalie In Panama – Week 17 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Man, it stinks not having a camera that’s working. I would have sent pictures of the fireworks. Well, everyone will just have to imagine the 4th of July, but it in a side street with cobbles and walls on either side of me.


Maybe Kayla and Mr. Bear can do interpretive dances of what I write you guys.

Kayla and Mr. Bear. Guess which is which.

Anyway this week has been fairly quiet.

Monday I got your package. It’s awesome. My desk area is now covered with paper snowflakes. I love the earrings, and had to keep the other Hermanas from stealing the silver star ones. Thanks for the cards, party hats, and stories you guys included.

Tuesday – We visited recent converts and less actives. A lot of them said they would go to church on Sunday. Not true, but maybe in time. We did make an appointment to teach the aunt of a recent convert. We also met the mother of another. His mom is a less active and normally doesn’t talk to the missionaries, but we passed and she was sweeping her porch and we asked if we could help. She let us in and we finished her sweeping and we shared a message. I hope that with time we can get her reactivated.

Then it was New Years. We got home, and, to be honest, I went to bed about 11 pm. Then I woke up at 12 when all the fireworks went off. I was laying in my bed going “I want to watch the fireworks, but I don´t want to get up.” I went through this for about 5 minutes and then I got up and went out to where Alvarado and Vargas were watching the fireworks. Then we went to bed.

Wednesday – We got surprised by the zetta ellas.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: I think this means the sister missionaries who are district leaders. The only two translations for “zetta” or “zeta” are “police car” or from the Urban Dictionary “One of the most awesome adjectives the universe has ever known, or will ever know. Usually used as a substitute for “very” or “uber.” Ellas means a group of women, or the female version of ‘them’. It also means Natalie is in a Spanish speaking country with slang I don’t always understand.]

They showed up to do divisiones [EDITOR’S NOTE: divisions, splits] with us. We were all slow that morning. I had at least done my studying and was just showering. But yeah, it was a little embarrassing, because my comp was still in her pajamas on her bed.

Anyway one of the Zettas went with us and we went and visited people. We visited Farij, a recent convert. His parents came out to talk to us, because he’s been causing problems. He leaves and doesn’t tell them where he´s going and when he’ll be home. His parents asked us to support them. They’re not members. So, we talked about that with him, and they ended up giving us a whole lunch.

Then Anissa gave us a turkey dinner that night. I ate too much, but it was really good.

Thursday – Latu and I did our studies together because our comps were talking instead of studying. But they did their studies after they saw us doing it, so that worked out.

Our lessons were normal, but Hermana Rafela, an investigator is having a hard time accepting the law of chastity. She doesn’t want to change her life.

Friday – We had reunion [EDITOR’S NOTE: A district meeting?] in the morning, and didn´t get back to our area until 2pm. Luckily, we were able to go out and do some work.

I’m sure the goals for the mission are on Hermana Carmack’s blog, but for the year we want 1600 baptisms in panama, and 1100 people reactivated. Those are the most important for me.

Saturday – We spent most of the day doing service for Hermana Iris. We had 4 Elders with us and cleared out the area around her house. So, yes, I have used a machete now. It´s hard and more of a guy job, but I tried.

Then we had an activity for the children in the church, where we sang some primary songs and played a game and then gave the children presents and cookies.

Then, in the night, we had time for another lesson, but we were both tired. Then I had Hermana Chrisida’s name pop in my head. Usually she has work, but she happened to be there. Wooh! Hurray for listening to the spirit!

Sunday – I played piano in the church. Talk about bad, and really hard. I have to practice a ton.

Hope everyone had a great New Years!

Love you a lot!



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