Natalie In Panama – Week 15 – It’s Christmas Time!

Hey, guys!

I think you are a little excited to talk to me considering how many of you mentioned it and have a countdown. I love you guys, but I keep thinking Christmas is still a week away. It seriously does not feel like Christmas, though I did get a necklace as a gift from one of the members here.

The Palmer House Christmas Tree!

This week has been full of reunions, meetings. I haven’t done that much work, because we’ve been in Panama City at the Stake Center on the Temple Grounds for three days this week. That means an hour or more ride to Panama, another half hour in the metro bus, and then everybody shows up late so we don’t get done till almost one in the afternoon. We have to eat lunch and then we have the ride back. So, yeah we’ve done some really good lessons with menos actives (less actives), but we don’t really have investigators. Hopefully the week after Christmas we can pick up on that more.

So, I’m not going to be sending any pictures because my camera isn’t working. I don’t know what happened. All I know is that it won’t turn on and doesn’t respond to the charger. I’m praying that it’s only that my battery died and I need to buy a new one. That would be great.

Oh, on the note of things breaking I should tell you guys about my shoes. My last pair of flats died last Monday. I was in the mall, and all of a sudden the sole on the shoes fell off except where I had superglued it before. So, I now have no flats. One of my good pairs of shoes is completely dead too. The rubber on the bottom came off in my last area and now I have a hole you can put your finger through in them. So, my shoes consist of the two good pairs with more heal, and my shoes from Julia´s wedding.

On a different note…

Thursday we had a Christmas lunch with President Carmack and all the missionaries in the antierior. That means about half of all the missionaries. We had gone as a zone and set up the seats and tables the day before. Yes, my zone is in Panama and includes the temple. We did a musical number, and some other zones did as well. The Carmack’s kids also played the cello and violin for us.  The President and his wife gave talks.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s pictures from the party via the Mission President’s wife]

photo 4 (12)After all the talks, we had a prayer and then watched Elf in Spanish. It was really funny. I wasn’t crazy about that movie at home, but I really enjoyed it here. Maybe it’s because I haven’t watched a movie really for about 5 months. Church movies do not count.

We came back to our area afterwards and had some really good lessons with menos actives (less actives), if only because they needed to be visited and reminded that the church is a wonderful thing.

Saturday, we had an activity in the church here. The Stake collected clothes and all the youth came and could pick out free clothes. Of course the missionaries got free clothes too. I now have another top and a black dress. It’s always best if we can get things free as missionaries. None of us have much money.

Sunday was nice. I helped in the primary again. This ward is different. The missionaries act more like members here because there are so few adults.

Oh, I forgot. My English and piano classes went better this week. Alvarado bought the piano learning kit in Spanish, because she wants to learn to play the piano. So, I used that and it worked a lot better. We’re working on moving their hands right now. In the English classes I used colored white board markers I had bought,and did more of questions that are useful if you get lost. They seemed to like that more. I think I have to look at these classes as kids getting ready for tourism. They don’t really have the patience or the drive to learn the basics, so I’m going to stick to more tourist stuff.

I’m sorry I don´t have more spiritual stuff for you guys, it’s hard because all of us missionaries have been sick with colds, and going to meetings. I’m almost all well, and hoping that next week I will be better.

As for Christmas, I was thinking of skyping the 24th, but realized that would not work, so I will be doing the 25 with everyone else. I’m thinking about skyping around 3 pm here, so that should be around 1 pm for you. I´m not guaranteeing the time I call. All four of us are using the same laptop and camera and everything. Plus the family has friends for Christmas that are also going to be calling their family. It’s going to be tight with time.

Oh, and more stuff that’s just important. Can you guys buy me some good walking sandals and send them to me. Nothing super expensive, because everything dies in the rain here. It’s just that sandals seem to last longer here because they can dry out. It’s pretty much impossible for me to buy shoes here, since everyone is much shorter than me.

As for piano books, a practice book would be great, because I am teaching one slightly more advanced person, and there are no such things as piano books out here. The closest I found was a notebook of music paper, which of course I bought.

On the sheets for Michael: The CCM gives you sheets, I just didn’t use them because they weren’t cute. I don’t think that will be a problem for Michael, so don’t worry about it.

Love you all a lot, and I´m excited to talk to you on Christmas.

Love Natalie


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