Natalie In Panama – Week 13

So, this week was the baptism of Cipriano’s wife, Mari. Most of our week has been spent going every day to teach her. Talk about doing cram study. A baptism in one week is kind of insane. But we didn’t know which one of us would have changes. So this entire week we have been prepping everything for whichever of us stays. I know now, but I´ll get to that later.

During the week the Ureña’s gave us paper crowns they had made and thank you letters saying how much their lives had changed. It was so sweet.

We had an actividad [activity] on Friday for Dia de Madres [Mother’s Day]. Panama celebrates Mother’s Day on the 8th of December. I told Cam that we should celebrate Mother’s Day on the day of different countries, because then we would be able to call home every month.

The activity was really fun. They had the mothers sit at specially decorated tables, and everyone else sat in seating in the back. There was a space in front of the stage, this was in the stake center. They had the youth do the serving, and the entertainment. They had dance music, and then they had the youth come out and do dancing. Then they had the younger kids do traditional dancing. It’s pretty cool. They also had a trio of guys that did more mariachi singing. The only problem with the activity was that I started missing you, Mom. I got a little homesick. We had to leave early because it was around 9 and we have to be in the house by 9:30 at the latest. So, we bought anajalda, which is basically like a Utah scone, and got the last bus home.

Then at home we ended up spending a good half an hour icing Del Aguilar´s knees. They were swollen and in a lot of pain, so we iced them to help and the next day she was fine.

Saturday was the baptism. We stopped by the Ureña’s house and helped them out to prepare for the baptism. Cipriano wasn’t feeling well so he wasn’t going to come, but we had the grandchildren kneel with us and we gave a prayer that he would feel better and be able to come. When we came back later to get them to go to the baptism he was feeling better, and he and Mari took a taxi to the church. All their grandkids came to the baptism, and one of their daughters too. The room was packed, and we didn’t have enough seats for everybody. It was awesome. She is so happy, the only thing she want´s now is that her daughters join the church too. I think that will come with more time.

A picture from Mari’s baptism.

Sunday Mari came to church, and seriously she looked like she’d been a member for years. She’s so happy and knows everybody. It’s great.

After church we went to a fiesta that we had been asked to sing at, by an investigator. We were the first act, and it was a little weird to sing hymns at a fiesta, but she made sure we got fed afterwards too. Nelli is great, and I think the Hermanas will have great success with her.

We went by the Ureña’s too. They were preparing for the party today to celebrate Cambronero’s birthday. They are so excited for the party, and their daughter is bringing a cake and everything.

We went to the Christmas Devotional, they had it broadcasted in the stake center. Johnson and I sat next to each other and consoled each other in our homesickness. Really I get homesick when I see conference stuff and it’s in Spanish. It´s hard to understand and I feel it should be in English. But the hymns were great. It was funny when they have the congregation sing it was in English so only the missionaries really sang.

Then at about 11 last night we found out who has changes. Guess what? I have changes and so does Cambronero. Our area is being closed, so both of us have to get ready for changes. Not what we were expecting. I have felt the last 2 weeks that I would be leaving, and to be honest have felt that my work is done in this area. Turns out I was right. We were sent here to teach the Ureña´s and Ernesto, and now our work is done. It is definitely what the Lord wanted, and that’s cool.

I´m super excited!

All week I´ve been working on Christmas letters for all of you. I´m sending a package home before Wednesday, which is changes. There is an envelope for everyone, and I´ve included Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Deb. They’ve got small souvenirs and letters and a picture letter. I was planning on sending only the picture letters, but with everything you guys have going on I thought a letter would be better. Cambronero’s rubbing off on me. She suggested the souvenirs and letters.

I love you all a ton and hope you have a great week!

Love Natalie


This Week’s Pictures


A picture of all the sisters in my zone.

A picture with Johnson and Morales. We all have 4 months. Woooh!

A picture of Del Aguila hugging the soda after the baptism. The Ward Mission Leader treated all of us to soda.

Milaka prepping for a mission in about 6 years.

Another of crowns that the Urena’s gave us and thank you letters.


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