Natalie In Panama – Week 12

Hey, everybody I’m not sick!

Who’s not sick and had 3 baptisms in one month, and so got this awesome t-shirt?
This girl!

This week was much better. We worked hard this week again. Cambronero and l discussed it last week and decided to work more in those areas that we are having success. We feel that there are certain areas that are prepared at this time, and we need to concentrate in those areas.

Thursday, we spent most of the day in service. We ended up painting the house of an investigator in Del Aguilar and Arboleda’s area. It took us most of the day, but we got the whole outside done.

Apparently here it’s traditional to repaint your house for Christmas. So, in a week or two I’ll probably be lost because all the houses have changed colors.

This whole week we have all been counting down to Friday because we got to go to the temple and see the new video.

The new video in the temple is amazing. I watched it in Spanish and understood it all. That film is definitely inspired. It illuminates so many things and brings so much more of the spirit. If any of you haven’t seen it yet, GO! When we finished the session all I wanted to do was go back and watch it again. I didn’t have time, so I didn’t. I can’t wait till the next time I get to go to the temple.

Friday we did a zone fast for all the investigators with a fecha bautismal (EDITOR’S NOTE: I think that’s a baptism date). We did it by name, so our fasting prayer was a little long, but it was worth it.

Friday, we found some really good investigators. They all live in Santa Librada, which is one part of our area. Most of them actually came up to us. We also got a baptism fecha. It was a great day.

Saturday we decorated the house of the same investigator we helped on Thursday. She goes a little crazy about Christmas.

Then that night was a baptism. It was small but full of the spirit.

After it we went to the Urena’s. We taught them about blessings. To be honest I don’t remember all of what we said. I shared a scripture in 3 Nephi chapter 14 that talks about god giving blessings to his children.

All I need to say is Cipriano’s wife is being baptized this week. It was the spirit. Not us. We are all so excited.

I have no doubts this church is true, because this is a miracle. That lesson was the spirit.

I love you all land hope you all get better and go to the temple.

Love Natalie


My newly pierced ears.

Militza at her baptism. She is so happy now.

I just wanted to show what the bridges are like here sometimes. It`s a little scary.

From when I was sick. I was really cold that day and ended up working with a sweater on. Cam. wanted to take a picture because it was the first time she`d seen anyone put on more layers here in Panama.

When Cambronero convinced me to drink a soda called Maltz. It’s nasty.

More Maltz.


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