Natalie In Panama – Week 11

Editor’s Note: Natalie didn’t send pictures again this week, so instead you get a pre-mission picture of a girl and her dog.


Well this week we had another baptism. We baptized Militza the other granddaughter of Cipriano. She was super excited and happy to be baptized. We had her baptism on Saturday right before an activity in the ward.

Monday was P-day and we went to Albrook the mall in Panama. It’s huge and could basically be three or four malls in one. It’s the one place in Panama that you can probably find anything you need. I ended up printing a few photos. I’ll be sending a small packet home for you guys with Christmas cards I made and had printed there.  Oh, I also got my last injection for my infection on Monday. I had to take pills until Friday though.

I’m going to sum up the rest of the week in one thing, and not go through the rest of the days, because to be honest most of the time I can’t remember what happened one day or the other. It all just lumps into one in my head.

This week has been hard to be honest. We keep trying to find investigators that want to progress and that will be willing to be baptized. We’ve found a few that maybe with more time will commit to baptism and start to progress, but right now won’t. A lot of people aren’t super receptive.

To be honest this is in Potreo Grande. We’re trying to work out there because that’s where the bishop wants us to work. The people out there that we’ve met aren’t interested, or if they are, they don’t have time because they’ve got work or something. I keep trying to remember that sometimes the work isn’t supposed to bear fruit at this moment; that maybe I’m just planting the seeds for other missionaries to reap the benefit of. It’s hard, though, in truth to not be discouraged at all.

We’ve also been working in Bella Horizonte and have found a couple of people who are more receptive and we have hope with them, but we still haven’t been able to do second lessons with them.

We’ve also been working with people in Santa Librada the upper part near Ernesto. We actually ended up contacting Hermana Riveron’s aunt, and she seemed pretty receptive, but something happened so when we went by we weren’t able to teach her. Maybe we can do that this week.

On Saturday we spent all day preparing for the activity in the ward and for Militza’s baptism. The activity was that each group, young men, young women, priesthood, relief society, primary, and the missionaries, did a room based on a country in Central America. Everyone had information, and cooked a food from that country. It was really kind of like a mini thinking day. We did El Salvador, at first we had the United States, but we protested and changed it because it’s not part of Central America at all. So, Cambronero and I went to the internet and got information for El Salvador. We made posters, and the others made a sort of empenada for the activity. We used platano madura and a sort of refried black bean. They boiled the platano (plantains the sweet ones) then mashed it, and formed little tortillas. Then they put a sweetened mixture of the beans in the center, folded it in half and fried it again. It was surprisingly good.

The activity was a lot of fun, and I got to learn the tooky? It’s a dance from Honduras.

The Baptism was just before the activity, and it was great. It was short, but well organized.

Oh, I forgot to say we have a new ward mission leader, and he’s super excited and prepared to work hard with us.

Anyway, Militza gave her testimony at the end and it was awesome. She talked about how glad she was baptized. She was honest and said she was a little scared waiting to enter the water, but that she was so glad she had done it. She also said that she want’s to continue strong in this path.

I think if I ever feel depressed all I need to do is remember how I felt watching the Urena family be baptized, and hearing their testimonies.

Sunday after church we basically did a visiting the sick day. We went and visited the Riveron’s because Hermana Riveron has Dangi fever, and Dani their younger daughter has it too. We got there just before they left for the clinic, and convinced them to have Hermano Riveron give his wife a blessing. I have great faith in those.

After that we went and saw Ernesto who also has Dangi. He’s going to the clinic again today. He’s doing better though, and was showing us the house he’s building to live in when he’s married Nixia. It’s really cool to see people build their own houses here. He’s doing okay.

We went and watched the Testaments with the Urena’s. Eliah, the youngest granddaughter said that when she has 8 years old she wants to be baptized by Hermano Rodriguez like everyone else in her family. She’s 5 right now, and went to church too.

That night at dinner we were talking with Jose Rodriguez and discussing missionary work. He and Cambronero said that when there are alot of baptisms that your numbers seem to drop, and it’s hard to get other fecha’s that are firm. (Fecha`s are baptism dates)

I’m hoping this week is better in finding positive investigators.

I hope all of you are well now and not getting sick anymore. I’ll keep all of you in my prayers.  I hope everything goes well. Tell me how thanksgiving went with all 20 people.

-Oh, an awesome side note, they have the new temple video here and I get to see it on Friday! Wooh!

I love you guys a ton,



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