Natalie In Panama – Week 10

So, I’m not sending pictures this week, because the computer I’m using, the USB hub isn’t working.

So, last week after I had emailed you guys we went out shopping. At one store Cambronero and Del Aguilar convinced Arboleda to get her ears pierced. Obviously, she doesn’t have pierced ears. The only problem was that she had a ton of fear, so I ended up offering to get my ears pierced too, if she wanted. She said yes, so our day changed into a hunt for an open place that would pierce our ears. It was another festival day so most of the stores were closed.

I think we spent an hour and a half to two hours looking for a place that was open. There was one and it looked kind of shady, so that was a no. Del Aguilar went up to pretty much every young woman she saw to ask where they had gotten their ears pierced. It was kind of ridiculous. Well we didn’t find any places open, and went to the ward activity that night.

That was interesting too, because Cambronero and I keep having members come tell us when there is a problem with other missionaries. We’re not even the sister leaders. This happened at the activity too. It was about missionaries in different area, so we told the zetta ellas. [EDITOR’S NOTE: I think she means the zone leaders and is using mission slang]

Anyway at the activity was Hermana Marcela, and she knows how to pierce ears. So, Del Aguilar talked to her. After the activity was over we went to her house, but Arboleda and Del Aguilar didn’t come because they had left the activity early, and we couldn’t get ahold of them. So, I had my ears pierced by a member in my ward. I had string earrings for 3 days and then put in real earrings that she’s lending me.

I know. I’ve turned crazy out here. I think Heavenly Father knows I like adventure and put me here.

Then on Tuesday I slipped on the stairs of the bus getting out. I slid down the whole stairs. I’m really lucky that my legs are long, because that’s the only thing that stopped my fall. I have a bruise on one of my arms, and on my but on one side.

We also had a surprise lesson that was really good. We had a contact that we had written off as not interested. We stopped by her house and decided to see if we could teach her. Turns out she had read the whole pamphlet we gave her. That almost never happens. We ended up giving her a Book of Mormon. I hope she reads it, because it could really change her life.

But that’s not all!

Thursday I woke up with a sore throat. I took some cold medicine and ignored it. We went out and worked. We had some really good lessons. We have a new investigator that is kind of like a second Cipriano. He talks a ton, and is willing to experiment on the word. At the Viamonte’s we found out why their daughter is not active, but she want’s to be so were going to work with her.

The only problem with all this was that I kept getting worse.

We went to a ward activity that was a movie. It was Crooked Arrows. There’s one part where the main character goes running with his shirt off and Cambronero and I covered our eyes and one of the young women in the ward saw us and started giggling. It turned into a small giggle fit for all of us.

Anyway, by the time we got home, I had a fever. I went straight to bed. It didn’t help during all of this that we didn’t have any water. Sometimes the water stops and then comes back about 24 hours later.

Friday I slept most of the day. Cambronero at one point saw my tongue and it was white on top, so she looked down my throat, and said I had an infection in my throat. So I had to go to the Clinic. The Doctor looked at my throat, said yes you have an infection. Here’s a perscription for amoxacillin, and I had to get an injection for 4 days.

I slept most of Saturday too, I couldn’t go work.

Yesterday at church I was feeling really bad, and after church ended up crying in front of the Relief Society presidency. They immediately found someone to give me a blessing. They also made sure we were eating and that I was getting rest. As soon as they knew I was sick they turned into moms.

Anyway the blessing was really special. It talked about that I need to have faith and believe in the Lord more. That the things I am learning on the mission are going to help me achieve my goals in this life like having someone take me to the temple to be married. And that I need to be happy, and that Heavenly Father loves me.

I was crying at the end of it, and so was Cambronero.

I felt so much better after it. We were able to go work after that.

We had a great lesson with our new investigator whose a 2nd Cipriano. He´s been reading the Book of Mormon we gave him, and is willing to go to church next Sunday.

Today I feel great, and happy, and I had my last injection. Yay! No more pain in my booty!

Anyway it’s been kind of a traumatic week, but Cambronero’s been great and understanding. She knows how it feels really well.

We can definitely see that there are blessings for having gone through these things. One is that Cambronero now has a place for her Wisdom tooth surgery that she feels good about. It’s at the same place I went for my infection. Another is that we have two investigators that we feel can really progress. I’m definitely learning from all the stuff I’ve been going through.

I hope you guys are doing great. I hope Grandma gets better, that Michael can feel prepared for his mission, and that everyone gets over the flu.

I love you guys a lot. I really missed you when I was sick. I hate being sick in the mission, because we just want to go out and work, but I have to take care of myself. I know that I will learn from this, and be better.

Love you all!



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