Natalie In Panama – Week 8

So, this week was changes [EDITOR’S NOTE: I think Changes means transfers. Transfers typically happen every six weeks and is when missionaries are moved from one area to another]. Cambronero and I didn’t have them.  Both Curtis and Hoffman who were the other Americans in our ward had changes. De Aguilar’s new companion is Hermana Arboleda. She is really sweet. Bonilla’s new companion is  Hermana Morales. Hermana Morales actually entered the MTC the same day I did. So, I know her a little bit. She’s from Utah, but both her parents are from Latin America, so she already knows how to speak Spanish.

This week was good. We had a couple days where we just did contacting. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Contacting, or Tracting, is when LDS missinaries go door to door to try to meet new people.] We went out to Potreo Grande one day to visit a recent convert. We had to take a bus and then keep walking and walking. We’d only seen the house once, so it was only by the spirit that we were able to even find it. The woman wasn’t there, but her son was so we talked to him instead. Then on the way back we contacted.

We had another day that we contacted in Bella Horizonte (viyalizonte is how it sounds). It is the hill near us. All of the people we were going to visit fell through, so we contacted instead. We found a couple people who were willing to listen. One house was basically an American house. It was really odd. The woman is Panamanian, but has lived in the USA for 50 years. Her house is a very fancy American style home. It’s a little ostentatious for me. But, she was willing to listen to us, and wants to know what church is true, so we have hopes that she will be converted.

We had some very special stuff that we did with our investigators this week. On Tuesday we visited the Nunez family. Turns out the Hermana’s grandson was going to be baptized on Thursday. Cambronero got them to agree that we could go with them. So, we did. The day we worked in Potreo Grande we went to the baptism afterwards. It was in another area, and the elders there had not organized the baptism at all. So, Cambronero ended up giving a talk on the spirit. I tried to explain the baptism a little bit beforehand, I don’t know how well that went. We showed Hermano Nunez the chapel a little bit. They said they really liked it, so I hope that this helps them somehow.

The other thing we did with investigators that was special this week was with the U. family, Cipriano’s family. We are honoring the death of their daughter. She was 21 and died 3 months ago. That’s what opened up the door for us in their lives. We went with them to the cemetery in Potreo Grande on Friday to help clean the grave. The graves are on a hill, and some are falling apart because no one cares for them. Others are tiled boxes with flowers put on them and all taken care of. Some of the graves were just a mound of dirt with a cross and fake flowers in the dirt.

We ended up helping clear the grass from around the grave, and then we had to get going. We were going to meet them on Saturday as well to sing some songs with them at the Cemetery, but when we got there, no one was there. We left a flower and a note that we had come by. Turns out they didn’t get there till about 1 pm, we were there about 11. We did see another investigator’s family there though, and talked with them for a little bit.

Saturday seems to have been the day for visiting graves. Everyone was out there and cleaning the graves, and putting new fake flowers on them. It was a huge thing.

So, the latest thing on the Cambronero health saga this week is that she now has 4 wisdom teeth coming in. She didn’t have any when she left for the mission, and no one in her family has any. She felt them on Tuesday in the middle of a lesson. So, Friday we went to the only place in Chorrera that does x-rays.

That was interesting because we got off the chiva in Chorrera and it was the middle of a monsoon. The wind was blowing really strong and everyone was soaked. At the bus stop some of the backing on the bus stop looked like it was going to fly off. We walked a little, but got soaked. We stopped under a cover, and used our umbrellas to protect us a little, and ended up saying a prayer. After that it lessened up enough that we could at least walk. I felt so stupid though. My packet came this week and I had thought to wear my rain coat, but didn’t. I need to work on my listening to the spirit skills.

So, we got the x-ray, and she has 4 wisdom teeth. The upper two seem fine, because she has space for them, but the bottom ones are coming in sideways. So, she got permission to call her family, and had to explain what happened. So this week we have to see a dentist.

I should also tell you the saga for today a little. It’s one of the days of independence in Panama, I don’t remember which, but our normal internet place was closed, so we had to go searching for another one. The only one we found open has really old computers, and  the USB port doesn’t work, so there will not be photos this week either.

Yeah, this weekend is interesting. There are festivals from Sunday to Wednesday. Yesterday when we went out to work, there was almost no one at home, and our district leader, Boyd was accompanying us. We made do, and ended up visiting Magnolia. That seemed to go well.

Sorry this week is completely out of order. Things are still crazy for me. I’m glad Halloween went well, and you guys had a great time.

My Halloween was pretty good. Your package came on Wednesday. Del Aguilar brought it for me. It was awesome, and I immediately put stuff up on the walls. I don’t know how I am going to use all of the stuff, but I’ll save it for later. The Halloween Bows I ended up giving the other Hermanas in the zone. They were cute, but to be honest I think there were too many. My whole casa dressed in Halloween colors for me, they`re so sweet. Thanks so much for the package and everything in it. I was so happy to get it.

One of the beautiful decorations we sent Natalie

Oh, and a member in our ward asked if we could find some information for her. She did an exchange program to the United States years ago, and is wondering if we could find a number for them or something.

Here’s the information:

Colvin and Alta Lavan. They live in Solvang or Santa Ynez.

The members name is Miriam Delgado. I figured we could find a bishops number for the area or something to help her.

Love you guys a ton! This week will be crazy, but I think that’s every week in panama. Glad to know you’re all doing well.

Love Natalie


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