Natalie In Panama – Week 7


It was still stressful this week. But the good thing was that Cambronero could actually walk!

Woohoo! I have my companion back!

This biggest thing this week is that we have had so many meetings. Tuesday we went to the temple. That was awesome. As soon as I walked into the temple all the stress and worry just lifted off of my shoulders. It was great. I left a lot calmer than I had felt going in.

We got back late and so were only able to do one lesson.

Wednesday Cambronero had to go to immigrations so I was on splits with De Aguilar and we went and painted Yani’s new place (Yani is the woman who gives us lunch). So, we spent most of the day doing that. Then Cambronero and Curtis got back at about 5.

Cambronero and I went and taught Ernesto who has a baptism date. It was for this week, but we had to change it because we have so much to still teach. So, his baptism date is now the 9 of November.

He’s so sweet every time we go to teach him he gives us Jello and ice cream. And this time he gave us a papaya and two packages of cookies. I get spoiled by my investigators.

Thursday we had district meetings. That lasted all morning. I got picked to give the spiritual experience, so I shared about Cipriano. We got back to our area a bit late. We went and taught Cipriano. It’s great teaching him. We’re not just teaching him now, but his grandaughter Miliakia. She’s going to church with him and is loving Young Women. She’s 13. Cipriano makes me laugh, whenever we go he tells he has a doubt, and our hearts drop and then he tells us what it is and all we have to do is explain and he’s fine again. For example on Thursday he showed us in the scriptures where it says that you aren’t supposed to pray like the hypocrites seeking people’s attention for how holy you are. He thought our praying out loud was like that. We explained it’s not for gain, it’s only when we are in meetings because it’s for the whole group. We explained that our personal prayers are silent and private. He was fine after that. He likes asking us because we can help him understand.

Apparently he let in another preacher sometime this week to his house, and ended up teaching the preacher about the book of Mormon. It was awesome. The preacher left because Cipriano was so firm about the Book of Mormon.

The U. Family. We are baptizing Cipriano, the grandfather, this month. We had family home evening with them.

We had a ward activity Thursday where the missionaries did a small musical number. We did a song that I have never heard in English. It’s page 208 in Spanish. I don’t remember the title, sorry. It was fun though.

Friday we had more meetings. We had Zone Conference, and the AP’s came. We had classes, and they were good, but my continued problem in things like this is that I don’t understand all of it. I understand enough to follow what’s going on, and get the gist of things, but it is hard to know if I am correct or not, and this bothers me. I know I need patience with this, but sometimes it’s really hard. It also didn’t help that I had taken a Benadryl for something, and was half asleep all morning.

In the afternoon we taught the Sosa’s and it was a really good lesson. We taught some more on the atonement, and forgiveness. I ended up talking about Alexis and Kayla a little bit. The spirit came really strong during that bit. I hope she listens to it. So, you can tell Alexis and Kayla they helped me in my teaching.

Saturday was a hard day for me. The stress from these last week got to my breaking point. I ended up calling and talking to the President and he really helped. I think I just needed someone who is not in the situation to listen to me. My goal now is to work on being able to release stress without hitting a breaking point. Don’t worry though. Things are so much better right now.

Sunday was awesome. We fasted this weekend and seriously you do get blessings from fasting.

Our members are gaining so much trust in us. It’s amazing. I helped the Bishop’s daughter with English again, and Sister Perez ended up talking to Cambriano. She has gained a lot of trust in us. Then we had Family Home Evening with Cipriano and all his family. Turns out his wife has been reading the pamphlets. We’re hoping we can get the whole family baptized, because they are ready, and wonderful. Then we went to the Rodriguez’s house, and ended up teaching Junior, Hermano Rodriguez’s son in law again. It went really well. It was great too that a recent convert Adrian was there too, it’s a good environment for him. He’s not active, so I hope we can help him. Hermano Rodriguez has a lot of trust in us to place his family in our care, and he’s commented to us that we are really powerful missionaries. That family is great. And Junior’s wife Rosa, who is less active, gave a wonderful testimony at the end of the lesson. We think it’s been a long time since she did that. It was really spiritual in that lesson.

On a different note.

Happy Birthday Michael!

Happy Birthday Krista!

I hope you guys had great birthdays.

I am so proud of Michael for getting his papers in and will anxious to hear where he’s going.

I hope you guys have a great Halloween. Send me pictures I want to see your costumes and the yard.

I love you guys lots, hope you`re all doing well. Thanks for putting me in your prayers.

Love you lots



Pictures of the Week


Cambronero and her beautiful legs.

Some awesome rain on Monday. It’s the same thing I walked through on Sunday, so you can see how crazy I am.

A picture of my area from a hill.

I did this one day while I was stuck in the house. My hymnal is now covered in clear packing tape to protect it from the rain, the same with my agenda. The hymnal has pictures of the panama temple on it.


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