Natalie In Panama – Week 6

My companion, Cambronero, had to go to the clinic last week for an infection. The doctor told her that she had to have a week of no work and had to go to the clinic every day to get a shot for an antibiotic. So, that meant a week of no work. That really made me worried. I know I get cranky if I’m stuck inside all the time and don’t have some sort of work to do.

To help, De Aguilar called some of the other sisters in our zone to see if they could help us out. We couldn’t leave Cambronero alone, so we would have to have a companionship come, and have one go with me and the other stay with Cambronero.

Tuesday Johnson and Bonilla came to help us out.  Johnson’s the other newbie in my zone from the Mexico CCM. I went out with Bonilla and we visited almost all of my investigators, less actives and recent converts. I had cards that Cambronero wrote to invite our people to the ward activity on Saturday for families. I did teach two lessons. One was to a less active who is the only member in her family and she has a knee problem and can’t really get to church because of it. The other was to the family S______. We’re still trying to work on them acting in a loving manner towards each other.

Then we had to get back to the house so Bonilla and Johnson could get back to their area.

I have to say that our ward members have been great this week. All the women who feed us regularly had one of their kids bring meals in a container for us. Now I just have to get the cleaned dishes back to them.

Wednesday was interesting too. The others did the divisions, and I was with Cambronero most of the day. I have to say I studied the Book of Mormon in Spanish a lot this week, because there wasn’t much else to do. We also finally got our money for the two weeks. It was supposed to be in our accounts on Monday but there was a problem, and it didn’t get fixed till Wednesday. So we had to go shopping. Anyway, in the evening Curtis needed Cambronero, because she had promised to go to a meeting, but she needed someone who could speak Spanish fluently. So, that left me with Johnson. We decided to go contacting, and then Cambronero said we should check on the family N______. So, we went there and ended up explaining the Plan of Salvation. To be honest I don’t know how much they understood, but we managed to teach, and I gave them another pamphlet on it so they could read it and understand more. Then I took Johnson to my dinner appointment. That went okay too. The Lord was definitely with us, because we are both newbies who barely speak and understand Spanish. It’s only by God’s grace that it went okay.

Thursday I was stuck in the house all day, except for the clinic. I seriously could feel myself getting crankier throughout the day. I think the only thing that kept me sane was having a copy of Jesus the Christ to read, and the Book of Mormon. I seriously have more patience when I read that. I also ended up drawing our back yard, I forgot to take a picture of that I’ll try to send it next week.

Friday was better. Hernandes and Medillin came out to help us. Hernandez came out with me. Our first visit was with C____, who is consuming the Book of Mormon rapidly. We were teaching him about the 3 degrees of glory, and I got the feeling to ask him about baptism. So, Hernandez shared a scripture about what we need to do to return to Christ, and it talks about baptism. So, right afterward I asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes. I suggested the 26 of November and he said that was a really long time, so I changed it to the 16 of November. I have no doubt he will keep it. He also said he was determined to go to Church as much as he is able despite his bad leg.

We also taught the Sosa’s again and family Viamonte. But that was fairly normal.

When we got back to the house everyone kind of went crazy over the fact that I had gotten a fecha and it’s a for sure one too. It was cool, and definitely the spirit, not me.

On Saturday we had the ward activity and it was great. They had games and competitions, and got all the kids to play, and even some of the adults. It was really good. I even ended up playing Kickball in my skirt with everyone.

Sunday was awesome. We got a member to pick up C______, and he brought one of his grandaughters too. Ernesto, another investigator, also came to church. They both really liked it.

After Church Cambronero couldn’t work, because of her legs. But there`s a nurse in the ward, so we decided to try and get Cambronero looked at by the nurse. The only person who knew where the nurse lived was Curtis. So, we had to do more divisions. Johnson went with me to my appointments. Luckily Hermano Rodriguez in our ward was going to the first appointment, and we got him to go to the second with us.

Our first appointment was C_______, and we walked through pouring rain to get there. We were soaked. I could literally wring out my skirt like I had just washed it. C_______ got mad at us for walking through the rain because he was worried we would get sick. He was so sweet. We asked how he felt about church and he said he wasn’t sure he could do it. My heart sank, and I asked why. Well he has the gospel principles book now, and had read the law of tithing, and he doesn’t have a job. So, he can’t pay tithing. So, I explained that he has talents that can help people instead, and that our talents are a part of tithing. After that it was fine.

Our second appointment was with Ernesto, and his baptism date is this Saturday. We tried to teach the plan of salvation. Luckily Hermano Rodriguez explained it better than we did. He also told Ernesto to pray earnestly about baptism every day, until he gets a for sure answer. This was perfect because Ernesto is having doubts about the date, not baptism, just the date.

Then after dinner we taught Hermano Rodriguez’s son in law. He’s not a member, and thankfully speaks English. So, we ended up teaching mostly in English, and a little Spanish. We taught him about prayer, and that he is a valued child of God. I gave him the plan of Salvation pamphlet and we’re going to teach him next week.

This week has been insane. I don`t think I can handle something like this again. But I got through it and everyone has commented that my Spanish has improved so that`s good. I think I`m okay, we’re going to the temple tomorrow so that will help.

Love you Lots




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