Natalie’s Last Week In Mexico City

So, I get to email you early this week, because I’m leaving tomorrow. We get on the bus at 3:50 am, and then our flight is at 10:15 am. No, the drive to the airport is not that long, but for some reason they want us to be there about 5 hours early. It’s going to be a long night.

Last night was long too, because that Bushka and Wilkinson and two other Hermanas in our casa all left at 3:30 am. We all stayed up really late. I put my earplugs in and went to bed around 12:30, but woke up when they were ready to leave. Pula and I accidently slept until 7:45 this morning because that we were so tired. The Latina Hermana’s came in and were asking what we were doing, and didn’t we have class? We got up and dressed really fast to go to breakfast.

Proof they have Nutella (Muy importante)

It may be our last day here but we do have class today. Some districts are treating it like P-day, but our teachers are here so we can’t. It’s actually okay, because we did some awesome stuff with Hermana Powell.

So, as for this week, we had some really interesting stuff.

It was Mexico Independence Day this week. So, we had a party in the gym Saturday night. I forgot to bring my camera and didn’t get any pictures, sorry. But I can describe it for you.

EDITOR’S Note: Natalie didn’t send this picture, but I thought it was appropriate.

We all met in the gym and everyone was waiting outside in the rain for about an hour before they would let us in. Then we packed the gym. The Latinos were really pumped. It was kind of like being in the crowd in LA after the Lakers won the NBA Final.  They had a dance group perform the traditional Mexican dances. So, it was like watching those festivals they would show on PBS, with the Mexican dancing. There was a dance that I hadn’t seen before. These guys had two metal blade things that they danced and produced sparks with. That was really cool. They also let off fireworks, small ones, inside the gym. I am definitely not in California anymore.

These are illegal in our local area.
And not a good idea inside.

They ended with a church hymn medley that had Army of Helaman in it. That was cool, except I couldn’t understand a word, except Helaman. That ended about 9:30, but I didn’t get home till about 10.

Then on Sunday night, we were officially allowed to stay up late. The President of Mexico gives a speech called the gia or something like that. It was at 10:30, when we were usually supposed to be in bed. It ended at 11. We watched it and shouted viva along with the natives. It was really short, but it was definitely interesting. We got told to go straight home, because that the Mexicans fire off guns into the air to celebrate, and we could be hit by the bullets. It was totally like after the concert when the Lakers won the NBA Final. It was kind of insane.

This week is crazy, tomorrow I’m going to be in Panama.

Natalie traveling by map!
(If only it were so simple…)

I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight, and we have a Hermana who is tagging along with us, because her companions are gone. She’s going to Panama with us, so she’ll be having a sleep over with us. Our house is going to be pretty much empty. The truddy, Hermana Barnes, Jones, and Gardner are going to be the only ones left in the house. It’s really weird.

Oh, this Sunday we finally watched a good movie. We watched the Joseph Smith movie.

I didn’t realize I’d seen it before, but it’s really good. I’m glad we finished on that movie. Our devotional was good too. It was a DVD of Elder Holland and talked about that we need to know the gospel so much that we can pull out whatever the investigator needs at a moment’s notice. Pretty intimidating, but I’ll do it.  We were late getting to the devotional though, because we were taking pictures. Yesterday was a constant round of taking pictures with people and getting their emails. It was kind of crazy.

I’m so excited that Michael’s papers are almost done. And that he got the opportunity to use the priesthood. I’m so excited that Michael get’s to go on a mission, I feel like I should jump up and down and run around yelling it out, but that’s not really appropriate behavior for a missionary, so I will try to restrain myself a little. I did cheer when I read it.

The only problem with you guys telling me what your eating is that makes me miss that food. Especially pumpkin Torte. We have to have that when I finally come home. Just saying it’s important.

Love you all lots, I need to go, I’ve still got class today.


And now, for Natalie’s pictures

With Elder Boyer, and Elder McClaws photo bombing.

With Hermano Clark, who is awesome. He’s over the teachers. He’s helped our district every so often. He is always cheerful and upbeat. He’s a lot of fun.

With Hermana Barth and Hermana Howe, who are really sweet.

With Hermana Derouche, Won, and other Hermanas from their district, which, sadly, right now, I cannot remember their names.

With the Branch President

With Hermano Flores, his wife, and daughter. He is our afternoon teacher, and is really cool

The smaller, less cute dog.

The cuter, bigger dog

Elder Curletti studying weirdly (from Week 4)


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