Week 5 At The Mexico City MTC – And Now Natalie’s A Celebrity!

First thing first, Happy Birthday Alexis and Joseph! I hope you guys had awesome birthdays.

An excited Alexis.

I am so excited that Michael is getting his Melchizedek Priesthood (sorry if I spell things wrong) I can’t wait until he has his mission call and is out being a missionary. It’s going to be awesome!

This groovy dude’s getting the Melchizedek Priesthood.

What do I want to write about this week? Shoot, I don´t even know! I think my biggest thing is that I only have this week and then I am going to Panama! I don’t know when I am leaving yet, they haven´t sent any of the Panama Hermanas our travel itinerary. But I am really excited, and I can´t believe it´s already been 5 weeks.

Last week was definitely better.

Companionship study definitely helped. Pula and I are more on the same page as before. We have goofed a bit in some of our lessons, but I always think that it’s better that we are doing that here than out in the field.

So, this week I started with the goal of finishing the Book of Mormon in Spanish, but that quickly deteriorated by the third day. Reading about 30 pages a day in Spanish gives me a major headache. So, I changed my goal to just finishing Alma this week. I’m only in chapter 15 right now, but I am sure I´ll get it done.

Oh, we found out that our class members are celebrities. Well…really they just have a picture of us on a church article about the MTC. You can see my back, that’s about it.

[EDITOR’S NOTE – I looked for said picture online, but could not find it.  Extra points to anyone who finds the article.]

One awesome thing I started doing this week was going into the front room of our casa every night. There´s a group of us who kind of congregate there to write in our journals and study, and chat, because that´s fun. Because of it, though, I´ve been able to get to know a couple of more sisters really well. Hermana Carter and Ralston who are both the same week as us. They are so sweet. Ralston is from Alabama, and has a southern drawl that is so cute. Carter is really sweet.  Poor girl.  She´s been having trouble getting the language, but I know that she will do great in Chicago. The other sister that joins us is Sister Barnes. She´s on week 4. Her personality is kind of similar to mine, and we get along really well.

(From Left To Right) Hermana Boushka, Hermana Barnes, and Hermana Palmer

I ended up giving Hermana Barnes two of my lotion containers. She didn’t have any, so I offered her some and she liked both smells so I told her she could have both. I figure in Panama I probably won´t need that much lotion. I think the sweat will probably do the same thing. Anyway I was thinking about it and I actually have given a number of things away. Nothing big, just a couple of ear plugs and some cold medicine. The ear plugs were because Ralston couldn’t sleep with the mosquitos flying over her head. The day after I gave them to her she told me that was the best sleep she´d had. The other pair were to a Hermana whose companion snores. So, I gave her some so she could sleep. I find it funny though that I am the only person who thought to bring earplugs.

My Spanish is coming along.  I’m obviously not fluent, but I definitely am improving. For one thing I can understand most of what’s going on in lessons, and I can usually say what I want too even if it’s really broken sounding, the point gets across. That was a long sentence.

Devotional this week was really good again. It was another old devotional from February, but it was Elder Holland and it was cool. I’d write more on it, but I don’t have my notes write now, sorry.

Elder Holland is cool.

Oh, but for the movie this Sunday we watched Legacy, a church pioneer movie. It was terrible. Most of the audience ended up laughing at most of it. Some people really like it, and I suppose I should be more spiritual about it, but I can´t. I just thought it was hilariously bad. I´m definitely not a huge fan of church movies. I wish they would show the Bible videos they have online, because those are really good. I hope they show the Restoration this week, but I don´t know, and I have to pack, so we´ll see if I even go to it.

I went to the Temple today. It was really nice. I was actually able to understand a lot more. I still got sleepy though. The veil was definitely easier this time in Spanish. I could actually pronounce words, and the name I had was French so that worked out. That reminds me I can barely remember any French now, I suppose it´s good because I won´t get mixed up, but I miss French. I know it´s silly. Anyway, once we were done there was some miscommunications so we left late, and everybody was kind of grumpy. But we cheered up on the bus because that the Latinos got us to sing with them. We sang church hymns, and then compared national anthems. Oh, and one of the American elders has a harmonica so he played that with some of the songs. It was really fun and I think it cheered everybody up.

Oh, I figured out who Hermana Henderson that Mom mentioned was. It’s Hermana Wandell´s mother, but she has a different last name. I went to lunch last week, and Hermana Wandell commented that she thought her mom knew mine. She was right.

So, yes I have a release date, but I don’t know that it´s accurate. Currently it´s February 3rd 2015, but we´ll see what transfer day does then, because it might change.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. I don’t know when I write next. I think that I’m supposed to let you know when I’m leaving, but I don´t think I get to email you when I get there. I’m not sure this is only what I have heard through the grapevine.

Loved all the emails. I am sooooooo excited for Michael, and I love you all very much.

Love Hermana Palmer


And now for pictures!

(Captions brought to you by Hermana Palmer)

Elders Wright and Yaetes. I have no idea why they climbed up on top of the cabinet, but it was really entertaining.

Here´s an Adventure Time thing that came in my cookies from the tienda. I thought Michael and Kayla would enjoy it.

Elder Yaetes climbing in the window, he´s counting the days till he gets to Chicago. Obviously he´s a little anxious to leave.

Pula got a birthday package this week. She gave us all gold fish. Mine are on my scriptures. Here´s a silly thought: I was thinking that we´re trying to be like fish but we breath in scriptures instead of water.
(EDITOR’S NOTE – I’m surprised she missed a Fisher’s of Men reference)

Here´s a giant moth that hung out by our doorway all day.


E-mail Hermana Natalie Palmer directly at natalie.palmer@myldsmail.net

Even a short, encouraging e-mail would be great!


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